Pentagon demands wounded vets refund part of their signing bonuses

:confused: When was that?

Maybe they shouldn’t get any bonuses if they don’t pay attention during basic training. How hard can it be to dodge bullets and shrapnel?

Which is why you are one of our most popular new members.


Anyway, I would hardly defend military pay, but the evidence seems to be that the outrage here might be overblown just a bit.


To be fair, not everyone was sympathetic with **MrDibble ** when he took offense at the user name Venus Hottentot.

Here’s one example of** Mr. Dribble** pissing all over a thread about a wounded vet.

“new” member? Are you parsing the join date right there, Moto?

and Contrapuntal, if people don’t want their “poor widdle sodier” überpatriot-fests commented on, post them in MPSIMS and I’ll keep well away. Post in the Pit, and run the risk that not everyone who posts oozes sympathy for the willing casualties of your military machine.

ETA: And Mr.Dribble? What are you, six years old?

My mistake. Perhaps I didn’t notice you much before. Frankly, I liked it better that way.

At least. And for my birthday, I want a one trick pony. Never mind. You’ll do.

Yeah, I know, I never like being reminded about uncomfortable truths much either…there, there, stick your head back under that Stars&Stripes blankie.

Hah! Hah! Yep, that’s me, one-trick pony, gosh, you sure nailed me. Guess I’ll have to leave the Board now, I never do anything else here after all.


Just so you know, some of the board’s women are terribly offended by misogynistic gender slurs.

Why do you hate America?

That only works when the subject doesn’t really hate America.

As well as those of us who were just raised right.

Not that old bollocks again.

Lib’s just trying to needle me - he’s still a little bummed that I got a username with an ethnic slur dropped when people’re still allowed to say “fundie” or “white trash” … or … something like that. It’s a roundabout attempt to get me to see my own hypocrisy. It’d have been the same response if I’d used a different word, I’m sure.

Of course, I don’t care. I like the swearword a lot (AngloSaxiphile that I am), and I was using it to be offensive, which is where the comparison breaks down. Of course, if there’s a rule against using it, I’ll follow said rule. Lib can agitate for such a rule if he wishes. I’m sure it’ll be as successful as the campaign against “fundie”.

Because “Horse With No Name” was a really shitty song?

Well, before your head explodes from self-importance, it should be noted that you got nothing dropped. The Venus Hottentot name was changed voluntarily by the user in a unilateral show of class. You may now continue offending people.

When you say “we” who are you talking about, elucidator? I don’t remember voting for Bush even once. I don’t remember supporting the war in Iraq, ever.

I do support the war in Afghanistan, but not the way it has been conducted.

Nope, I’m well aware there’s only room for one swollen head up there…

Bullshit! Her first position was to retain it over my objections. She even started a thread defending it - then she started getting Admin emails. So no, it’s not like she just gave it up all classy-like.

And look, it still continues . Fuuuuuck!