Pentagon demands wounded vets refund part of their signing bonuses

No, really. The Pentagon is claiming a “clerical error” WRT one such demand – but there have been hundreds of others. I guess the thinking is, if for some reason (like getting wounded in action and disabled) you don’t serve out your full enlistment, why should you get your whole bonus?

My roommate’s friend was discharged from the Army for psychological reasons, among other things. I guess he was in an explosion that caused head trauma, after which he lost it and threatened to shoot his friend (all while in Iraq). So (he claims) they took away his bullets and sent him out on missions anyway.

Apparently, he’s part of a lawsuit to against the Army because he says they put him in danger by sending him on missions without bullets, therefore exacerbating any of his preexisting psychological problems.

To top it all off, he had to give back his sign on bonus. So, while maybe the request was a clerical error for the others, they’ve already taken roomie’s friend’s back.

Then again, I honestly hear this guy’s stories and I’m not entirely sure what to believe. Obviously he’s unbalanced, so it’s difficult to see exactly what is truth and what is exaggeration. What I do know is that he: has an honorable discharge, has a purple heart, and was on the local news about his law suit.

I heard this story on the radio yesterday and had not had the time to look for cites. If it is as it is being reported, this is one of the most disgusting, despicable displays of utter ingratitude and stupidity I have ever seen. I hope the publicity will shame those in charge to change their tune.

When I enlisted in '86, it was made known up front to me that the sign-on bonus was revocable should I be incapacitated due to non-duty-related injuries. So if I was in any kind of accident not related to military duties, I’d have to fork over the bonus.

But I asked, and had it spelled out in plain English: if my injuries were duty-related, I may not receive the balance (if any) of any bonus due to me, but that I would be able to keep whatever I had received up to the point of injury.

And by injury, I mean anything that would have rendered me unfit to continue serving; that would entail a medical discharge from the Army.

Being wounded in the line of duty seems to me to fall under the category of “duty-related” injuries.

What these 'tards in D.C. are thinking is beyond me. It’s fucking disgraceful.

Well, if you’ll read the link in the OP, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) is making a big fuss over it. Major egg on his face if it turns out to be bogus.

Oh, I’m not doubting it. Unfortunately.

You have got to be kidding me. BrainGlutton, you and I are not on the same page very often, but you found a real fucked up deal with this thing. I’m with you all the way.

I knew appointing Roger Goodell to the Joint Chiefs was a bad idea…

I’m not a military lawyer, but ISTM any way you can get hurt in a war zone should count as “duty-related” even if you were technically off-duty at the time. After all, it almost certainly wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been in a war zone. Heck, even if you stagger in front of a speeding car while drunk. Well, maybe.

It is depressing to see that nothing has changed in the last nine months:

How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits

Did he tell you the check is in the mail, he loves you, and promise not to cum in your mouth too?

Pentagon demands wounded vets refund part of their signing bonuses

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Did he find a note saying he had a share in MM Enterprises? Come on! Everyone gets a share!

Well, considering I’ve never met the guy and was simply relaying the story (which, like I said, was on the news), na’ can’t say he did.

He does have a law suit against the Army, that much I do know.

I thought this one was over? Like, as soon as the facts got out the Pentagon set a world land-speed backpedaling record, all a big misunderstanding.

Reminds me of a story my father told. He was like 16in WWII, lied about his age, joined up and was sent to the Pacific. When the war was over, he and most everybody he knew was released in California with a couple of bucks and a Greyhound bus ticket home. He and thousands of others cashed their tickets and got drunk. And stayed drunk.

In a few weeks to months, California was crawling with drunken vets. People felt obliged to buy them drinks (for a while, novelty and patriotic gratitude have a short shelf life…) And certainly a lot of these guys, veterans of Iwo Jima, Tarawa, different names for Hell…these guys had some pretty severe problems. We know its name, now, PTSD.

So, anyway, California started picking them up and installing them in psychiatric hospitals, committing them without much of anything in the way of legal proceedings. So there he was, sobering up in a loony bin, half the people were genuinely nuts, and the other half were alcoholic vets like himself.

“How could you tell the difference??” I asked.

“Drunks always had a book.”

I like that story, but there’s nothing in it about GIs getting screwed by the Defense Department. (Presumably they could still claim all promised vet benefits.)

Nope. Just a story.

But it goes back and back. Remember Rudhyard Kiplings poem, you know, “It’s Tommy this, and Tommy that and chuck the bugger out…” or some such. We do it every time, so does pretty much everybody else. We fall all over ourselves gushing patriotic platitudes about Our Heroes, and then the bill comes, and we want to itemize who ordered the extra serving of water.

Combat fucks people up, it just does. If we would keep that in mind, that we are sending our children to Hell, we might be more reluctant. I hope so, anyway, despite all evidence to the contrary.


For all the bullshit rhetoric going around about “supporting the troops,” it’s ultimately the government that is actually responsible for doing that. Instead, we get this, the Walter Reed boondoggle, inadequate supplies of body armor, etc. etc. Everything about this war is fucked from beginning to end.

I’m still no more sympathetic than the last time a sob-story about a bonusless wounded GI came out.