Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP): What's the Deal?

It goes on and on, more like that- agencies other than the OSP saying, “Well, we tried to tell you.”

Here’s some rebuttal:

There, you see? The OSP said, “No we didn’t.”
I guess that settles it.
Sorry to have troubled you.

Here’s a bit from the ultra-liberal WorldNetDaily

The Guardian has also given the story a shot:
The spies who pushed for war

I guess this situation is a bit like that with “weapons of mass destruction” - No one cares :rolleyes:

I assume you were being sarcastic. This is a very conservative source, and Paul Sperry is a conservative reporter.

SimonX, I want to thank you for almost singlehandedly keeping an eye out on this story.

But honestly, I don’t really know what to say at this point.

I will say this: I’m scared. If we have a government that’s this willing to ground itself in something other than reality, what’s keeping them from taking it farther even if the people try to send these fools packing next November?

Seriously: who can stop them now if they do not wish to be stopped?

I’m surprised that no one here is gainsaying any of this.

Have you heard about the new Sperry book coming out?

I’m a little hazy on this, and would appreciate a clarification: I do recall Rummy expressing his dissatisfaction with CIA intelligence, that is, its failure to find what everybody already knew was true. He went on to state, IIRC, that he would form a seperate intelligence group within the Pentagon to find what the CIA had failed to find.

Is this the same group, or different? The reporting seems to suggest that it was extant for quite some time before Rummy said this. So was there another ad hoc intelligence posse sent out to lynch some facts? If OSP had Rummy’s confidence, and it certainly seems that it should, why would he assign another group more or less “in parallel”?

I note this: I think Rummy believed what he said, I believe he was sincere when he said that the facts of the matter were crystal clear to him, and for some reason, the CIA couldn’t recognize the glaringly obvious.

Now this assessment of sincerity comes at a cost: now, I must believe that the issue was settled for quite some time, at least in Rummy’s mind. Most important to note: when faced with a lack of confirmation from the CIA to affirm his strongly held opinion, he did not alter his opinion. He did not even, apparently, seriously question his position. Rather than change his opinion in the face of conflicting information, he sought to change the information.

This is reflective of a mind-set I would much prefer did not prevail amongst the people who command the most potentially destructive military force in human history. (You may regard this as calm understatement, since shreiking and tearing your hair is impossible to contain within a smilie.)

And this Chalabi guy seems to be everywhere in this shitstorm, like a smiling malignant Zellig. Lord, I beseech Thee, please don’t let it turn out that these guys are so blitheringly chucklewitted as to take as Gospel intelligence from the guy who wants to take Saddams job. And if it must be, Lord, could you send me some kind of sign as to whether to laugh or cry?

AFAICT, there’s just the one ad hoc intel agency- the OSP. I could be very wrong though.
I’d heard of “an agency”, just as you had. Only the other day did I learn that it had a name.

Maybe its only a quibble, but its annoying me, (which is the trouble with quibbles…)

Correct where wrong, but it appears that the OSP was formed much earlier than my reference, and I distinctly recall Rummy saying he was forming such a group. Not that he was referring the matter to some already extant group.

And is there a list of members?

This is from the AsiaTimes article. I’ve heard that the number of members staed any where from five to hundreds. Membership migt be a vague term in this instance.

“In a rare Pentagon briefing recently, Office of Special Plans co-director Douglas Feith, said the committee was not an “intelligence project,” but rather an group of 18 people that looked at intelligence information from a different point of view…”

So, according to its leader, 18 is the number.

"In the months leading up to the war in Iraq, Rumsfeld became increasingly frustrated that the CIA could not find any evidence of Iraq’s chemical, biological and nuclear weapons program, evidence that would have helped the White House build a solid case for war in Iraq.

In an article in the New York Times last October, the paper reported that Rumsfeld had ordered the Office of Special Plans to “to search for information on Iraq’s hostile intentions or links to terrorists” that might have been overlooked by the CIA"


“The Special Plans committee disbanded in March after the start of the war in Iraq.”

And a familiar name yet again, like a turd in the punch bowl bobbing to the surface:

"The committee’s job, according to published reports, was to gather intelligence information on the Iraqi threat that the CIA and FBI could not uncover and present it to the White House to build a case for war in Iraq. The committee relied heavily on information provided by Iraqi defector Ahmad Chalabi , who has provided the White House with reams of intelligence on Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs that has been disputed. Chalabi heads the Iraqi National Congress, a group of Iraqi exiles who have pushed for regime change in Iraq. "

Jeez, what is that stench!

Ahh, they’ve been disbanded. No wonder that Feith mentioned the possibility of naming the the group the “Iraq Planning Office.”

The war was made. Mission accomplished.

I’m not familiar w/ this site nor Mr. leopold. However, he says that there is a possibility that the conclusions of the ex-CIA agents might present their findings to Congress. If they do, I’ll bet and hope that enough of the relevant info will get out.

Of course, Chalabi is mentioned yet again.

Apparently, the deal went down like this:

Neo-con hawks create a plan to invade Iraq sometime prior to 1998.
Neo-con hawks come to power in GWB’s admin.
9/11 tragedy occurs.
Rumsfeld calls for aides to find a link between Iraq and 9/11.
Wesley Clark gets phone calls from White house asking him to link Iraq to 9/11 when he is interviewed about 9/11.
October 2001, the Office of Special Plans is formed.
March 2003 US invades Iraq. OSP is disbanded.

It certainly seems that the OSP was involved in propagating the not-lies thet the Bush admin used to sell the war to the US.

Anyone care to contest this analysis?

From inside the belly of the beast:

Unless this can be reduced to a ten-secound sound bite, the American public probably won’t go for it. Too busy watching the Kobe Bryant trial, don’chaknow…

Lysenko, reincarnated.

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