Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP): What's the Deal?

The Pentagon PR Machine At Work_

**Agency Belittles Information Given by Iraq Defectors**

An internal assessment by the Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that most of the information provided by Iraqi defectors who were made available by the Iraqi National Congress was of little or no value, according to federal officials briefed on the arrangement.

In addition, several Iraqi defectors introduced to American intelligence agents by the exile organization and its leader, Ahmad Chalabi, invented or exaggerated their credentials as people with direct knowledge of the Iraqi government and its suspected unconventional weapons program, the officials said.

But several federal officials said the arrangement had wasted more than $1 million in taxpayers’ money and had prompted them to question the credibility of Mr. Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress. Both have enjoyed powerful backing from civilian officials at the Pentagon and are playing a significant role in the provisional government in Baghdad.

The officials also said the Defense Intelligence Agency had been generally skeptical of the defectors from the start, on the ground that they were motivated more by the money and the desire to stir up sentiment against Saddam Hussein than by a desire to provide accurate information.

In a stance that angered the dissidents and some Pentagon officials, the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency had long been skeptical of the information from defectors that Mr. Chalabi’s organization had brought out of Iraq.


Make up your mind, sport. In your latest post you indict the Defense Department for not listening to a bunch of Iraqi exiles. In your immediately preceding post you indict the Defense Department for listening to a bunch of Iraqi exiles.

Do you have some sort of coherent point here?

The point is that this where the exaggerated and very spun intel came from.

That both the DoD/OSP and the State Dept each used Iraqi exiles for their planning is only a superficial similarity.

Not all Iraqi exiles are equal. Not all iraqi exiles are Chalabi. Chalabi’s is not very trustworthy. Not all Iraqi exiles have taken million of US taxpayer’s dollars w/o being able to account for tem, (despite having an advanced degree in mathematics and having run banks). Not all Iraqi exiles have lived outside of Iraq for the most of their life. Not all Iraqi exiles lack a following in Iraq. Not all Iraqi exiles are seen as crooks throughout the ME. Some have more “street cred” than others. Not all Iraqi exiles have fed faulty info to the USG.

SimonX–even though there really isn’t a debate here, thanks for gathering all these links about the OSP. It’s been a very helpful service.

I’m patiently waiting for rebuttal.

Posted by toadspittle:

Good point. Why isn’t there a debate here? We have a lot of “conservatives” of various kinds posting in the GD forum. At least some of those conservatives are neocon warhawks and/or pro-administration. Why is nobody standing up to defend the OSP? Is this just too far beyond the pale, even for them?

I wonder if anyone’s put together an OSP “bloopers” video ? :smiley:


In my capacity as a GOP Team Leader I’ve written several news outlets and asked them to provide more coverage of the OSP.

“interests of the neo-con hawks” I’m not even sure what that means.

The “topic” is namecalling?

For one thing, there is already considerable dispute over OSP. Your own cites suggest bipartisan criticism. I think I read that OSP has been ‘renamed’ in response. Are we all supposed to be shocked that intelligence could be wrong or fed to us by interested parties?

The “lack” of news coverage is belied by how many sources you pulled together. Also, this has been debated before.

Beagle, did you happen to notice when this thread was started?
SimonX’s latest find points to a hitherto unknown information channel between the INC, the OSP, and the VP, who was instrumental in getting us involved in this “damn fool war.”
“This”, being new, has not been debated before.
If it stands up, it’ll certainly make the white house’s plan to blame the cia for bad intelligence a lot tougher to carry out.

The sad part is that nobody is shocked to find that there have been obscene manipulations of the American psyche. The ones that are currently reaping billions in profits at the direct expense of the American economy and the lives of wholly innocent Iraqi citizens lied like rugs at the perfect time. I shudder to think that the most powerful population in the world has become so tainted and corrupt that they would allow this to happen.

Two sovereign nations were devastated, thousands upon thousands of innocent lives were lost, the perpetrators of 9/11 are yet unproven and undoubtedly still at large.

The credibility of American Intelligence agencies in general are deservedly in the toilet. The perps of the largest stock frauds in world history are extremely well connected to the White House and remain at large and totally uncharged.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while corporations are scurrying to set up Asian operations at the expense of American jobs, halth care is in total meltdown, poverty is rising amongst the lower 95% of the population with the 10% of the money, and overseas the international aid groups are abandoning the previous shining example of American “freedom” due to utter chaos and a militaristic reversion to tribal feudalism.

Generations of children in the Middle East will reap the benefits of the exclusively American toxic munitions littering the landscape. Apparently the hundreds of thousands of birth defects in that country (directly attributed by ANY reasonable scientific examinationto the use of DU) is not as newsworthy as the Terminator being elected governor of California.

No surprises here, you got the oil, a few thousand Iraqis died for it, and the only odd thing is that there are still some rats left onboard the pro-war ship. It’s only a matter of time, the official liberation line is falling apart like the useless drivel it is, but luckily for some the US has unilaterally declared it’s military administration immune to any international war-crimes judgement.
Don’t worry, just another treaty or two broken, but you know, once the administration has fallen afoul of the Geneva convention treaties just don’t mean that much anymore, right?

The “democracy” in Iraq has been postponed indefinitely until the occupiers can find anough puppets to fill a ballot, Chalabi being a great example thereof…convicted swindler, international fugitive, and lying toadie to American hegemony.

A shining example of American-style freedom and democracy, is Chalabi. Excellent choice, and one that illustrates the intent of American military domination more than mere words ever could.

Some interesting things in that new link:

Can’t do anything to try to reduce the attacks on the civilian and military personnel, because that’d mean admitting that the WMD stuff was bullshit. Tangled web, indeed.

Whaddya know, this story may have legs. Andy Card appears to be in damage-control mode:


Interesting, that WMD stories persist, yet have been “debunked.”

I hope they have chem suits handy in Iraq. He’s a heck of a bald-faced liar, or telling the truth.

Now it’s fix Iraq or let it fail as a state. Syria and Iran will pick over the bones of the carcass if we leave now. The world can’t afford that.

What Mr Dabbagh has to say sounds very interesting and it is certainly new evidence that we will want to look at.