Pentagon to recognize gay troops.

Story here.

So basically they plan to hold some sort of event in honor of gay troops. If this is a one off thing, I think it’s great. Especially with the fall of DADT.

But if this turns into a yearly event? I don’t know, shouldn’t we be honoring all of our troops equally?

Last year Denver Pride had a salute our troops theme. It was kinda cool once you got past the skimpy clad dudes. (:

I’ve only been once in my life, last weekend, but it seems to me that Boston’s Gay Pride Parade is no longer Gay Pride, but just Pride. There were certainly a lot of people in it who aren’t gay. It was really more a celebration of diversity.

What struck me as really cool was that city hall was flying a rainbow flag. Diversity is now government-sanctioned!

Maybe this is the way the military will go.

Until they get equal rights with regard to marriage, the more visibility the gay troops have, the better.


Hear, hear.

Good or the military.

Paul Krassner predicted it 46 years ago, in the Fag Battalion.

Ah the joy of returning to the charmingly rabid and uncompromising homophobia of my youth.

Nice. Real nice.

Just remember…nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

The military does not exist to further your political aims.

Since when doesn’t the military “further political aims”? Please.

It certainly exists to further someone’s political aims.

In principle yes, but from the article it sounds like pretty innocuous recognition anyway. It mentions that this will be similar to recognition of Black History month and Asian Pacific American Heritage month; on the base I work at those were recognized by a handful of posters and maybe a special meal at the mess hall.

Boston seems to be particularly awesome that way. I moved out here from a much more conservative area, and was gobsmacked one day while walking through Somerville to realize that the building with the bright purple doorway and big rainbow flag on the lintel was a church.

Back in the Mormon-and-Baptist red states, I used to know exactly which of my friends were gay within a few hours of meeting them, because it was kind of a THING and feeling like they could tell me that early on was a matter of trust, and therefore of great import. I learn people are gay sort of incidentally around here, because nobody cares. They feel it’s far more important to tell me what state they’re originally from – particularly, for some reason, if that state is New Jersey.

I think the very fact that the Pentagon itself can even consider doing this, much less arrange it and put out announcements, is an indication of a huge cultural change that is long, long overdue. It gives me just a wee little bit of hope for my species.

Well, this is much better than when the Pentagon would look at their watch or pretend they were on the phone whenever they encountered gay troops in public.