People are Goofy

Forgive me if I begin a thread that asks no question and has no agenda. It is just that people are goofy.

Former National Security Advisor Sander Berger goes to a classified document reading room and stuffs secret documents critical of his administration in his delicate washables. He had stuff squirreled away in his socks. He says it was an innocent mistake. Some believe him.

“Hey look Monica, an embarrassing stain on your blue dress.”
“Mom! That’s from the President! Don’t wash it!”
Excuse me, do any of you keep stained souvenirs from your romantic encounters? Why?

Steroids are dangerous drugs. They increase performance. The (baseball) player’s union are defending the ability of the players to damage their health. Duh. If management encouraged player to sacrifice their bodies for a game, it would be some sort of modern Dickinsonian nightmare.

George Bush got a Presidential Daily Briefing at The Ranch on 6 August 2001. It was titled (something like) “OBL Wants to Use Airliners to Attack the US.” He tries to keep the briefing out of the public record. (Gee, there is no way historians will ever turn this up. Let’s hide it real good.) Connie Rice tells Congress the briefing was ‘historical.’

Anyway, I have to go to work, I feel better now.