People are shameless vultures

My father died a year ago, leaving my mom alone. Of course she goes and complains to anyone who will listen about how her son is three thousand miles away and she has the BIG C(she has a very minor and survivable cancer).

My mom is from Germany, she left at age 16 more than 50 years ago, she still occasionally talks to a distant cousin in Germany.

The grown son of this cousin who my mom has never, ever talked to or seen in her life has suddenly appeared in the USA and called her requesting to live with her because he is down on his luck. And spending hours on the phone sweet talking her, even asking her do you have any kids? Why aren’t they there with you?:rolleyes: Oh and by the way he is hard up for money, which is why he can’t pay for a place to stay.

Now my mom is pretty crazy, but even she sees the blatant vulturism here. I’m like well hey go tell some more people your problems, she actually thinks people give a shit about her aside from licking their lips at getting $$$$$$$$$$

Joke is on the dude, she is BATSHIT crazy and there will be NO inheritance(trust me).


Yeah, there are some sorry a$$ people in this world.