People are unemployed because they want to be, 'sez Tom Delay


Not to hijack the Bunning pit thread.


Barring some physical disability, if someone wants to make money, there is money to be made. If you’re laid off from your $50k/year job, you’re not going to make that same amount of money by doing lawn maintenance (at least not right away), but there’s still money to be made if you want to make it.

You still need to get people to give you the lawn maintenance job. I’ve offered to do jobs and had the person reject my offer because they didn’t believe it was meant in all seriousness (it was).

Or, as in DeLay’s case, you might be unemployed because the people want you to be. :wink:

A ditty for Delay (R-Undead)

Hang down your head, Tom De-lay
Hang down you head and cry
Hang down your head, Tom De-lay
Poor boy, you’re a worthless sack of shit without a soul…

OK, needs work…

I have an idea, let DeLay be unemployed for a while and let’s see how he likes it.
By the way, wasn’t he in trouble for some sort of crooked dealings not too long ago?
Wiki stuff:

Fox News:

He was a crook. Sure he didn’t actually go to jail, instead his “buddies” did - such as Abramoff. Let’s call it the Al Capone effect - you know he did it, but you just can’t pin it down. So why is anyone listening to his blather about who wants to work, and who deserves to have what?

Why do people still dignify him, like some sort of revered elder statesman? He isn’t even close.

So what, if that is the case?

Stop worrying about what your governments are spending on the unemployed and the ill, and have a microscopic look at where the rest of it is going. Our MP’s have been claiming expenses for duck ponds and moats; you’d be astounded at what your lot have probably frittered.

We don’t “fritter”. We squander, high, wide, and handsome. We open the floodgates and let the money pour out like water from a busted dam. Yee-haw!


I daresay that with this offering, and with the “I Bunning your dog” witticism that you recently gave us, you are vying with Mark Russell as America’s Most Beloved political humorist. You probably have about the same Q score as he does these days.

Do you wear a bow tie?

And where would that be?

So you know he did it. But he’s never been convicted, or even brought to trial.

Well, then, hang the bastard! Let’s not let all this foolishness about rights interfere with our righteous indignation.

JUDGE: How do you plead, Mr. Delay?

DELAY: Not guilty, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Hmph. Sure, a likely story. Bailiff, you may fire when ready.

I love how the deep abiding concerns for the rights of the criminal accused, so often the hallmark of liberal sensitivity, vanish in an instant when the accused is a prominent conservative.

Well, technically he is right in that unemployment insurance does provide disincentives to find work. I will freely admit that I didn’t exactly pound the pavement as hard as I possibly could have when I was unemployed. There really was no incentive for me to take any job that payed less that $405 a week (NY max unemployment).

Still sort of a bizarre thing for a politician to actually say though.

Yeah, that was pretty stupid. But if one is inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, one would assume that he was talking about “some people”, and not all people. Here’s the context:

Now, I’m not about to take his statement at face value, and I would like to see more details about these “studies”, but he fell for an interviewer’s trick question as if he were some unsophisticated bloke off the street instead of the seasoned pol he actually is.

Perhaps it’s time for him to try “Celebrity Apprentice”.

:eek: I’ll spend the rest of the day being horrified by that.

According to this PDF (released in 2006), Mississippi is the lowest with $210 a week, while Rhode Island is the highest at $596.

Unemployment can provide disincentives to work in some cases, but usually when unemployment is ~10%, people are unsure enough about their ability to find their next job that they will start looking immediately rather then live off unemployment.

Of course, most people isn’t everyone, if you happen to be really confident in your ability to find work or are sitting on a large savings you don’t mind spending down if you can’t find a job, then you’re lucky. But I think its fairly safe to say that not too many people are in that boat in the current economy.

So when employment levels and poverty rates fluctuate, it’s because people are lazy, then not, then lazy again? I find that hard to believe.

I was unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits for about three months when I lived in California. I did nothing to look for another job … because I was moving back to Maine. I needed the benefits I received to keep myself afloat while I got my shit together. And, hey, isn’t that pretty much what it’s designed to do?

Tom Delay is a cock.

<golf clap>
I’d be happy if all my representatives wanted was a duck pond.