People famouse because of HOW they died...

Another spin off thread.
My nomination:
Rasputin-poisoned, shot, stabbed, clubbed and drowned…all in one night!

Jon Eric Hexum, up-and-coming TV action star back in the early 80’s, IIRC. Briefly notorious because he was killed on the set, dicking around with a handgun loaded with blanks. He blew a hole in his head and the blast stuffed some debris into his brain.

Francis Bacon - March 1626, decided it was worth experimenting with the effects of very cold temperatures on the keeping qualities of meat, so he bought a fowl, stuffed it with snow, and quickly developed bronchitis, from which he died.

Or Henry I of England (1135) dying from a surfeit of lampreys.

Brandon Lee, during the making of The Crow.

To repeat my nomination from the original… Christa McCauliffe.

George, The Duke of Clarence (brother of Edward IV and Richard III) is best known because he drowned in “a butt of malmsey” – in other words, a big wine barrel. Big laughs, but it appears that the barrel probably held no wine, but instead was being used as a bathtub.

Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, Conferderate general who was shot (accidentally) by his own men

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (repeating from my post to one of the other “death” threads)

Jeffrey Dahmer, noted cannibal/serial killer, beaten (or was it stabbed?) to death in prison by another inmate

er, that’s “Confederate” general. None of the Conferderates died because they were always going to meetings. :rolleyes:

The crew of the Andrea Gail

I just watched the movie. Them’s some bitchin’ waves.

Catherine somebody. She died while attempting to have sex with a horse.

Catherine the great, tsarina of Russia.

D.B. Cooper, assuming of course that he is dead by now. I mean, if getting name checked in a Kid Rock song isn’t famous, I don’t know what is.

Wait, I thought we knew what happened to d.b. Cooper, it was just funner to ‘not’ know. Color me silly.

“They couldn’t hit an elephant from this dist…”

Whoever the hell that was.


Cecil did a column about Catherine the Great’s supposed horse-inflicted death.

Edward II – he got that red-hot poker shoved up his bum.

R. “Budd” Dwyer, Pennsylvania comptroller - suicided by blowing his brains out during a press conference carried live on television.

Beat me to it.

Yup, how many comptrollers get hit songs written about them? Only a few.

Dutch Shultz. Not so much for how he died, exactly (which was in bed), but for his long, rambling “last words” that have turned into something of a legend.

– Bob

There was an army general in either the Boer or Crimean war (I think) who is famous only because his last words were:
“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…”


Connor: I’m sorry…who?