People Fighting over Youth Sports

Have you ever seen or heard about parents, coaches, or players, or a combination of all three, fight at a youth sporting event? If so, what happened?

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Two parents (a man and a woman, but not a couple) were cussing each other out roundly before my son’s last soccer game. I’m not 100% sure it was about the game–their teams had just finished a game–but it was something related to their kids or their kids’ school. The man just ended up stalking back to the parking lot and the woman wandered off to bend some other mother’s ear about it.

Do a youtube or google search for “hockey dad” or “football dad,” and prepare to feel disappointment in the human race.

Yes. From my father, and this is going back at least 30 years, he was requesting parents to leave the field regularly, otherwise he’d postpone/cancel/forfeit the match (and because it was an FA schools’ match or summat at the time, his word was gospel). So they knew they had to disappear otherwise they’d cause their kid’s team to lose.

Back in the early '60s, my aunt got into a fight with another mom at one of my cousin’s Little League games. They rolled around on the ground bopping each other and pulling hair. My cousin didn’t give a flip about baseball. His parents thought it was earthshakingly important, though.

I never saw a fight. When I was in Little League, I did see two parents - who I regarded as decent people - get out of the stands and sit down on the field to protest their son’s ejection from a game.

I believe violence at youth sports events is so deplorable that if I witnessed it, I would probably resort to force to stop it. :wink:

It is the exact reason I am no longer involved in youth sports, I could not take the parents anymore. The following is from a season I coached a team that was made up of the leftovers after the local sports league had a lot more kids sign up for baseball than was anticipated. The 6 original teams “drafted” the players they wanted, I was then give a few players off each team for a 7th team in the league, it was the coaches choice as to the player I received.

Li’l Bubba’s father: “Why didn’t my kid play the last 2 innings?”
Me: I wanted to give some other kids some playing time. (We were losing 17-2)
LBF: Don’t do that again.

Father of really overweight clumsy kid: “Why isn’t my kid a starter on this team?”
Me: I like the better players to play the first few innings to give us a chance at winning a game." (We had just lost 11-1)
FOROCK: You know I’m a lawyer. Maybe if I sued your ass you would change your mind.

Mother of one of the better players on the team: "Why don’t we win many games? My son doesn’t like losing all the time.
Me: “Sorry ma’am, I’m doing the best with what I was given. Your son has said he likes playing on this team, he is one of the stars.”
MOOOTBPOTT: “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Old lady in stands: “That was terrible. Why don’t you go tell that umpire off?”
Me: “Sorry ma’am, coaches are not allowed to argue with the umpires.”
OLIS: “Fucking idiot.” Hollered loud enough to be heard across the park. Wasn’t sure if it was directed at me or the ump. The nice police officer did escort her to the parking lot though.