People pay you to do yard work. You should know the difference between tomato plants and weeds!

cite? I can imagine making such a mistake. If I did, I’d feel terrible and would have learned my lesson, restitution or not.

[I’m not arguing against restitution, just the notion that it’s *necessary *for the lesson to “stick.”]

My inlaws have their 50th anniversary coming up and they’ve invited a couple hundred friends to come by the house for the afternoon and evening. Obviously there’ll be quite a spill-over into the yard and they’ve been planting new stuff, sprucing it up, etc. A week ago the lawn fertilization company came as they do every quarter to spray fertilizer, etc. A couple of hours later the owner called in a panic. The same guy that’s been doing this for 15 to 18 years somehow brought the wrong truck and sprayed their entire yard, front and back, with a grass killer.

Want to know what my MIL did?

Why… Freak the hell out, that’s what.

The owner has said he’ll take care of it but we’re talking removing grass and soil down 6" (per poison control sire specs), removing sprinkler to enable soil removal, replacing both, resodding… and this doesn’t even address what they’re going to do for the party because that volume of sod isn’t available anywhere near them now. They’ve checked (daily). Honestly, it’s the talk of their small town.

It’s just a few plants that are easily replaced. Tell him what he did, ask him to replace them, and move on. Life is too short, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Of course, but when you see the results of your work destroyed in a matter of seconds due to carelessness it’s not easy to be clinical and say “it’s just a couple of plants”.

People naturally feel possessive and protective towards things they’ve nurtured. Anger and disappointment aren’t things you can just turn off.

Of course not, but you don’t have to nurture those feelings. I’d wait a day or three more before you talk to him about it, and settle down.

If he generally does good work, and does it for only $30, I don’t think it’s worth getting in an argument about it. Just tell him the fence is there for preserving the vegetables, and forget about it, unless he does it again. If he’s been doing her lawn for some time, and this is the first time a vegetable garden has magically appeared, I’d assume it was an honest mistake.

He didn’t just kill the plants. He killed your anticipation of harvesting the vegetables, and eating the fruits of your labor. That’s what really hurts. I understand completely, and I would be beyond fucking pissed off.

why not? An Internet Person just told you you should.