People surviving being swallowed by whales

Some years ago, I read an artice about men surviving being swallowed by whales. This article was written by Encyclopedia Britannica in response to a question about known cases of men surviving being swallowed by whales.

The research focused on your comments about the Evening Star in England. It verified the facts surrounding this story and concluded that this had actually happened. How does their research (Encycopedia Britannica) impact your suggestion that this story may not have actually happened?

Earl Stewart


The article you read appears to have been called “The Authenticity of Stories about Whales Swallowing Men”, published by the Encyclopedia Britannica Library Research Service.
I can’t find the text of it online - does anyone have access to this document?

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, earlstewart, we’re glad to have you with us. For future ref, when you start a thread, it’s helpful to others if you provide a link to the column you’re commenting on. Saves search time and keeps us on the same page. No biggie, I’ve added it to the end of your post, and you’ll know for next time.

I’ll call this to Cecil’s attention. I’m not sure whether he’ll revise this old column, but thanks for bringing the information to our attention.

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