People that are afraid of simple technology.

I don’t get it. Everytime I come into work, the headset is disconnected and removed from the phone I use. The people that disconnect it seem to think then when it’s attatched to the phone, the reciever won’t work for them. The easy solution to this, is to the press the button to deactivate the headset device. That’s it. It’s not hard to understand. I try to put it into simple terms, “…just depress the button”, but this is still to difficult for some I suppose. I can understand if the device is in your way or something, but when I ask why it was disconnected, I get blank stares and, “the phone wasn’t working”. I then look at the device and it’s activated. No wonder silly!

Are you sure they’re afraid of it? Are you certain they aren’t just too stupid to know how to use it?

I think afraid and stupid goes hand in hand with technology these days. But this is just too easy. I say ‘afraid’ because they won’t even try trial and error to figure it out. Even when I tell them how operate it. It’s either on, or off. Just turn it off!

Even if they know about the button to push, they might find it easier to disconnect the headset. I’m not suree what the problem is – it should be easy just to reconnect the headset.

I have a smilar problem: in our dining room, we have a dimmer switch which which works by your just touching it. In warm, humid weather, it plays up, so my wife just switches it off using a concealed switch. So I get annoyed when I touch the switch and it doesn’t work, so that I have to remember the concealed switch.

So person A has one way of turning something off, and person B has another method. It’s natural for person A to be annoyed after person B has used their method, but it does not meean that person B is technologically ignorant.

It’s not really a major problem for me or anything, I just baffled by it. I don’t see how it’s easier to disconnect the headset. It’s a very small device, and cannot really get in the way of anything. It’s no different using the reciever with it, then if it was disconnected. Even the cord length is unaffected.

Well then what type of ignorance is it? When they’ve admitted to not understanding the logic behind it, and when told how to properly use it, it still gets disconnected.