People tragically born without a sense of humor.

Its not so much that I hate them, but I feel bad for them. Unfortunately some of them seem to be in charge around here.

I can’t pit myself???

My wife can’t be upset in a public forum over something I admit I did???

She can’t write about it in a somewhat humorous way in my absence???

Allow me to retort…

Of course we have each other’s phone numbers…of course where I was, there are barely roads, let alone cell service. It was the CA version of
Deliverance. They even have their own mountain language up there.

It was funny. Much funnier than say…why did the megapixel cross the road? Or any other geek humor.

I can’t believe that someone else is so offended for me they would close two threads. Especially one written for me!!

We all do stupid things in our life, I’m happy that I have someone who occaissionally calls me on my own crap, forces me to own it. You should be so lucky.

And this is the PIT!! Its where we go when we are angry at something or someone. This Post is three (3) pages long!!! He’s an ass too…just like I was, but at least I am here to laugh at it, and maybe make one other person laugh at something stupid they might have done.

Perhaps this is why I believe that society is doomed. The ignorant have gotten themselves in charge of fighting it. Cecil should think about taking his name off this thing. Its rapidly becoming the “Dumb Dope”. Ug.


There is a reason we keep real life off the boards. Sheesh, deal with it.

And while I’m here;

Not when you both belong to said forum, no.

Apparently not. I didn’t find it funny.

Ahh, the old “I was out of range so we couldn’t talk to each other so she had to pit me” excuse. Hear it all the time.

This is up for debate.

Not so much offensive as it was stupid.

The difference is that her husband isn’t a member.

And every reason for the above is you. Of course, I don’t see how any of the above pertains to your thread closures either.

Shouldn’t you be in MPSIMS or something? It looks like you’re quite on your way to making like vanilla and splitting.

Man oh man… not you again with your dirty laundry shit again?

For fuck’s sake dude… make like a turtle and pull yer head in. Interspousal crap on a messageboard as world wide as this is the absolute height of self-absorption.

Step away from the keyboard right now… honestly. Get some space and some sense of relativity.

Oh yeah… somethin’ else… have some self esteem, OK?

Anyone with any self-esteem whatsoever would simply never air their personal stuff the way you’re doing.

It’s impossible to respect someone if they won’t first respect themselves.

You know, some of us don’t read the boards every single day. It would be a great help to us if you would provide links to the stupid, stupid threads you’re talking about.

first one

second one

I have a suspicion that there may be more, but I’m not going looking past the first page.

How the fuck many of these threads do we need?

A better thread title might have been “People tragically born without a sense of shame”.

You misunderstand. It’s not that we’re worried about your feelings. Personally, I could give a crap about your feelings. That’s why I’m a Pit moderator. It’s that we don’t want to watch posters harp on each other for things that happened off-board, whether it’s on another message board or in their living room. That’s not what the Pit is for.

This thread is closed. Don’t start another one on this subject.