People who deserve to have biographies written about them

Is there any notable person, living or dead, that you really wish somebody would write a biography of? This could be someone who hasn’t had a bio written about them or somebody who is the subject of one that’s simply not very good. I can think of two people whose life stories I’d rush out to buy:

John D. McDonald (1916-1986) The progenitor of the immortal Travis McGee. Not only a splendid writer – I think he’s as good as Faulkner – he was involved in espionage during WWII. Somebody wrote a bio of him a few years ago (The Red Hot Typewriter, I think it was called) but it was an anemic effort. He deserves better.

Justine Johnstone (1895-1982) Astonishingly beautiful star of the Ziegfeld Follies and silent films. She abandoned showbiz to enroll in medical school and became a pathologist. She was part of the team that developed the IV drip and she conducted research into syphilis.

So, who are your candidates?

Dexter Holland - lead singer of the Offspring. Dropped out of a PhD program in molecular biology to pursue his music career, then in his 40s went back to school part time to earn his PhD.

I like reading biographies of musicians, but a musician who pursues a PhD after becoming famous and successful, that would be really interesting to read.

Er, make that John D. MacDonald.

Add Queen guitarist Brian May to that list.