People who don't understand technology continue to be frightened of it

This woman apparently read something in the paper about facebook being used to catch a sexual predator, and she apparently took that to mean that anyone who uses facebook can be arrested as a sex offender. She tries to convince her (probably) grandson to stop using facebook.

Reminds me of when Napster first started making the paper. Boondocks had a comic where Granddad was reading the paper, and then he looks up and says, “Boy! You ain’t been loadin’ down on no Nappy, have you?”

Wow… bad logic and technophobia… I’m glad she’s not my grandma.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law asked me how she can cancel her Facebook account. In her own words: “I’ve just heard too many bad things about it, and people getting in trouble.” So I offered to help her adjust her privacy settings. She said, “No, I just want to get rid of it. I don’t like it, I don’t trust it.”

People like that are so annoying! :mad:

I’m sad to say that my 32 year old best friend has the same ideas. She won’t join facebook because it’s evil, but she belongs to a very popular site for new moms. And the mommy site is ‘so much safer’. :rolleyes:

oo oo pick me I know, I know. She’s on THE NEST right? Now we all know and we can stalk her. That will teach her a lesson.:slight_smile:

But this is just another variation of the old “afraid of the unknown” syndrome.

Why do you think universities were often located in small towns far away from the cities. Because “big cities = evil”

Dancing = evil or so we learned with Footloose

People will always find evil in something

Oooh, we’ve got Trouble, right here in River City.
With a capital T
and that rhymes with P
and that stands for Pool.

I remember being in a doctor’s waiting room, once, and listening to someone’s conversation. It was an old woman and her daughter, and the daughter was telling her about this young man whom she had met on the 'Net, whom she had since met in person, and seemed like a very nice young man. The daughter had to be at least 35 or so.

The mother started to say…“but I heard on the news that they can be predators…”

And the young woman went on to explain that yes, she had heard that too, but she was careful, and she met this young man in public first, and he had shown no qualms at meeting her mom or her friends or anyone else, and he seemed like a nice guy, and love could be found in the weirdest of places…

and the mom said, “Yes, but I heard on the news there can be predators…”

Just totally not even listening. Because whatever you hear on the news is TRUE. :rolleyes:

“I don’t rape little girls!” Ha ha ha!

And because nobody has ever, ever, ever, met a predator in a bar or at work. Nope. Not ever!

My wife has an otherwise knowledgeable friend who believes that 3.5 GB of kiddie porn got on her son-in-law’s computer because of a “virus.” Apparently, you can, like, be innocently toodling around on the Internet, then, BAM – kiddie porn on your computer.

Well, there was that virus that downloads kiddy porn to your computer. Someone mentioned here a while ago.

There’s also a computer virus that breaks into your neighbor’s house and steals all their Xbox games, so that explains why my closet is full of them…

I like the video in the OP for obvious reasons, but my favorite is that the kid has a replica sword mounted on his wall.

Yep, as seen here.

Well, that’s why I stopped using Facebook. Well, that and people I didn’t want to associate with Friending me.

ETA: Granny’s nuts.

I’m reminded of my father & stepmother, who some years ago told me to not go to porn websites because they thought that “bad people” would show up on the doorstep. In black trench coats, no doubt.

Only if that’s what you’re into, ya sick perv.

I’ve never heard of THE NEST so I googled it and bopped on over to the forums. The very first thread? “Is Anal sex bad for you??” Too funny!

Now that sounds like a porn site.