People who were all alone Thursday--post what you ate!

Is anything more depression than being alone on T-day. It’s all about family and food.

Everything I ate yesterday:

7:00 wake up: Morning cup of tea.

8:00 morning walk: Stopped at 7-11, got coffee and pumpkin spice muffin. Walked a while, stopped in little park and ate muffin.

2:00: Hungry. Had cup of tea and four bags of falvored popcorn: cherry, bubble gum, candy corn and carmel.

6:00 Feast: Homemade vegetable soup thickened with instant mashed postatoes into what I call “sludge.” Can of candied sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon on top.

900: Evening cup of tea.

Breakfast: hot cereal, tea, slice of leftover pizza

Lunch: goat cheese-walnut salad

Snacks throughout the day: chocolate-almond clusters

Dinner: malai kofta with rice, naan, and sweet lassi at the Clay Oven

Breakfast: Key lime pie.

Dinner: Baked chicken, garlic smashed potatoes, gravy, blueberry pie, pear cider and Irish coffee for afters. I was going to make steamed broccoli but I forgot. I really just wanted the gravy, everything else was either necessary to the gravy making process or a delivery system for gravy. Mmmmm, gravy… :smiley:

Late morning breakfast of poppy seed bagel, toasted with cream cheese, two eggs over medium, orange juice and coffee. Forgot that I had bought bacon until too late.

Mid-afternoon began making Chicago style stuffed pizza. Crust, mozz cheese and spinach, crust, crushed tomato sauce with spices and garlic (lots of garlic) on top. The yeast didn’t seem to behave well, so the crust isn’t as tender as I’m used to. I make this once or twice a year, as it is a three hour chore. But quite good.

Lots of beer too.

Fried potatoes and fried eggs.

And way too much candy - I found a bag that I meant to give to my doctor’s staff when last I went, but misplaced.

Well there was some T-Giving food cooking in my kitchen, A couple of casseroles. Turnips was one, sweet potatoes was another. I loaned out my kitchen.

Breakfast, Two eggs over easy and refried baked potato. And some sausage gravy.

then I made chili. After browning the beef, I gave the grease and water to the dog. she appreciated it.

Chili was done about 2 pm. had a bowl with peanut butter sandwich. chili tastes better with a peanut butter sandwich.

And neighbors brought over some leftovers at 6 pm. Some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole :-), and slice of pumpkin and pecan pie. Yummy.

I did OK. Had scrambled/cheesy eggs with a side of chili on toast for b-fast. Going to have chili and rolls for dinner tonight.

I only like my eggs scrambled when eating it with chili.

Well, had plans to visit the sweetie’s family, but we both woke up with what felt like hangovers and ended up being the flu.

So…I ate some cheesecake. I figured that if I was going to throw up anything, cheesecake would be the least painful <and most delicious!>.

salad from a dole bag, a couple sloppy joes, a couple of apples

Breakfast: a pot of tea, a chocolate croissant, and some raspberries.

Lunch/dinner/the rest of the day: a fancy tea with about 4 more pots of tea and the following:

  • turkey, brie, and cranberry sandwiches on a multigrain bread cut into the shape of maple leaves. Some also with walnuts on top.
  • chutney, cheshire cheese, and sultana sandwiches on a white bread cut into the shape of oak leaves.
  • a mixture of dried fruits with nutmeg and a little cream cheese to make it all stick together, on sandwiches made of acorn-shaped pieces of raisin bread.
  • pear cups (the top part of long-necked pears with the innards scooped out) filled with blue-cheese crumbles and honey-roasted almonds.
  • chocolate cake.
  • black grapes.

It all looked like such nibbly little stuff, I didn’t think I’d get over-full the way you do with a regular Thanksgiving dinner–but if you make and eat enough little tea treats, they’ll have the same effect by the end of the day.

Breakfast: My usual yogurt and juice.

Lunch (after getting a call from the friend who had been planning to come over to tell me that she had a migraine): Celery sticks with cream cheese.

Dinner: Tuna salad on crackers

In between the above I grazed on assorted snacks.

Coffee. Banana

Breakfast - homemade pumpkin pancakes with (real) maple syrup. Coffee.

Lunch - 2nd helping of above (because it was good & to use up the batter). Glass of milk.


Dinner - shrimp, onions, broccoli, tomatoes over pasta with garlic, olive oil, butter.

Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries.

Breakfast: Tomato juice

Lunch: Brisket in wine/chili sauce with sour cream crumbled potatoes

Oooh, that sounds good.

I had ravioli and potato chips.

Breakfast: cereal and milk

Dinner: open-faced turkey sandwiches with turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, and whole-berry cranberry sauce. And four cans of Mike’s Harder Lemonade (the 8% stuff). I hate holidays.

Breakfast: Leftover Red Baron pizza

Dinner: Roast duck, garlic mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, green bean casserole.

Breakfast: peanut butter and banana chips on home-made whole wheat bread.
Lunch: lentil and cashew curry with sides of sage cornbread and chocolate zucchini cake.
Dinner: pinto and black bean chili with a side of sweet potato pie.

I like food so I’m lovin’ all you peeps who took care of yourself and had a nice meal even though you were by yourself. :heart:

I’m a Brit so don’t celebrate TG but I’ll join in.

Breakfast (at work)egg and bacon bap.(soft roll)

Lunch (work) steak pie.

Evening meal, takeaway doner kebab.

My husband is visiting our daughter, so I was alone, except for four cats.

I don’t know if this counts, but I went out to Ol’ South Pancake House and had their Thanksgiving Feast at about 2 PM. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, roll, green beans, and peas. Plus a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Usually I only eat one starch serving per meal, but I allow myself to eat two or three starches on special occasions. And it was a very good meal, the place was busy but not packed.

I had some smoked turkey breast from the deli, and I had that for my evening meal, and of course I did have to share it with the cats.

I wasn’t technically alone for Thanksgiving, as during the latter part, I went drinking with a pal, but I was alone for the dinner part, which is relevant here.

Breakfast: Buttered toast, leftover black beans.
Lunch: I don’t think I had lunch.
Dinner: An absurdly large portion of a whole chicken I baked in my own magic sauce, with potatoes, a salad, and more leftover black beans.
Post dinner hijinks: Rum, french fries. Exorbitant portions of each.

I didn’t eat anything until 3:30 pm the next day.