People you're retty sure don't spark up

Reading some comments in the negative aspects of mary jane thread got me wondering - Fred Rogers almost certainly did not partake. Because if he did so you can be sure adventures to the Magic Kingdom of Imagination would have been quite different.

*King Friday: My subjects, you know how the planets spin around the sun? Well electrons spin around the nucleus of atoms too. So it’s like ‘as above so below’. Do you think this means that people can bi-locate like atoms, you know, be two places at the same time because of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle? Is there another King Friday standing in Antarctica right now?

Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I don’t know, but you know how intelligent dolphins are. Why wouldn’t they have souls too?*

So what celebrities do you think never inhaled?
My picks include Ben Stein and George Will

Donald Trump?

Jeff Sessions.

Not Anne Coulter. I have a friend who was a dead head and went to university with her. She also followed them around and partied hard.

I’ll be reading this thread, but not contributing. I’ve smoked with too many people who most would assume would never touch the weed.

I have my doubts that any well known person has never tried marijuana.

Mother Teresa

And Kellyanne Conway babbles like a tweaker.