pepsi sells tap water

I suppose back deep in our minds we knew that Pepsi and other bottled water companies were selling municipal water. Now they admit it. About time. I have been arguing this for years…
Also the program suggested that reusing the water bottles is a bad idea. There are chemicals that can leach out. The bottles were not intended for reuse.

Coke’s been doing it. Their brand is Dasani.

By the way, Pepsi owns Aquafina.
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I have always thought that it took them a really long time to get in on bottled water. I mean they do sell soda, how hard is it to set up the factory to pump out tap water while you’re bottling soda?

Snopes says this is false

I’ve always thought that bottled water is one of the biggest scams going. Luckily my town’s tap water is perfectly fine, tested often, and tastes good. I only buy water if I’m on the road with no other choice, and I still resent spending money for water.

Unfortunately, my town’s tap water is perfectly fine, tested often and tastes like garbage. Reverse osmosis is the only thing that makes it drinkable. Since I currently need to replace the RO system in my kitchen, I buy a lot of water.

I refuse to buy Dasani or Aquafina because they taste like crap and cost far more than other less lofty brands.

If you had read Consumer Reports starting 40 years ago, you would not be surprised now.

Even the fine print I have read on many bottles says that.

I was always annoyed when people bought bottled water in restaurants that would give you a glasses of h2o for free. I did not subscribe to it in the beginning and got told how much better it was many many times. I never tasted any difference.

Well, it is cold, unlike tap water. I’m willing to pay for that when I’m away from home and need to wet my whistle.

Municipal tap water is regulated by the feds, so it’s less likely to be contaminated than bottled water (though I wonder how diligent the feds actually are). But it’s often chlorinated (which is okay with me), but a home filtering device (like Brita) is much cheaper than payer a dollar for a twelve oz. bottle of water.

Who really pays a buck a bottle unless you are out and about (in which case you are paying for the convenience?) My tap water tastes like ass so I get my water in an 18 litre bottle for 2.89 CAD. Yeah, it is just filtered tap water but the taste is better and the water cooler makes for nice cold convenience.

Bottled water tastes like the pl-ass-tic it comes in.
Brita, baby. Brita.

Sorry, gonzo, but this is really old news.

Now, how about some outrage over people creating a need for billions of tons of plastic bottle garbage when most municipal waters are better than fine for drinking? Is it really that much work to get a washable water container and fill it at home? I’m also reserving some outrage for when they start charging me for a glass of tapwater to go with my meal at restaurants.

When have they denied it? I’m confused. Ok they didn’t exactly advertise it but it is not a secret.

Penn & Teller had a good episode on this. In one bit, they set up a restaurant selling special bottled water from all over the world - all filled from the garden hose outside. People fell for it, of course.

I’ve got a big water bottle at work I fill from the filtered water tap. Cold and free.

It may just be the container but I think Aquafina tastes better than Dasani.

Kids (at least) think that fries served in a McDonald’s wrapper taste nicer than the same fries wrapped in plain brown paper:

Aquafina’s water is not exactly tap water - it goes through what sounds like an intense purification process (I think 7-steps) to get rid of chemicals and particles. And like mentioned before by Loach, they did not mislead consumers as to where their bottled water came from. The labels always stated that it is purified water. Now they are just clarifying it further.

I have been trying to cut back on my bottled water usage but it’s very hard. My tap water at home is pretty tasty so I will drink that. But if I’m out on the go and do not have water with me I’ll buy a bottle - so convenient! I will recycle it though.


Doesn’t look like they’ve ever said otherwise.

I happen to have a Pepsi bottling plant in the town I grew up in (Mom still lives there). The Auqafina tastes much better than the tap water it comes from. Mom’s water is drinkable but highly clorinated. Auqafina is much better and I don’t mind putting out the money when I am out and about. At home I have a cooler with the 5 gallon bottles I get from Lowes. Our well water is drinkable but very hard with a high mineral content. I don’t mind it too much but my wife can’t stand it.

I recommend to anyone who thinks their tap water tastes like ass to blind taste-test it.

Put some tap in the fridge with your bottled water until they’re the same temperature, and get a friend to pour them both and let you sample.

They might be slightly different colors, so don’t look. And if you get it right the first time, try again tomorrow. You probably just got lucky.

Yeah, but purified from what? Water that has been deemed, and extensively tested, to be perfectly fine for you.

If you’re worried about the impurities in your tap water, I hope you’ve never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger, a hot pocket, or a bag of Doritos in your life. Any single serving of them contains more shit that a million gallons of tap.

Also, if you’re not drinking much muni water, you might not be getting as much fluoride as you could (should?) be.

I guess that there’s some muni water somewhere that tastes bad, but I wouldn’t bet on someone in a blind test.