perception of color

When I was 12 I first became aware that I saw colors differently than others when I got in an argument about whether or not a particular car was orange or red. I said it was orange, and all my friends said red. It was (IMO) a dark orange, but orange nonetheless.

I recalled this when another friend posed the following question- how do you know that you perceive colors the same way everyone else does? If, from birth, you’ve percieved a particular color as what everyone would call blue, but it’s what everyone else calls orange, and vice versa, how would anyone be able to find out? Does that make sense?

This question’s been asked plenty of times here. Do a search with the terms “color”, “qualia”, “perception”. The general range of responses are

[li]All humans have the same biological machinery, so within limits, they should look the same.[/li][li]But in strict philosophical terms, you just can’t know.[/li][li]Can’t even know if we call “see” in the “same way”. [/li][/ul]