perception of marriage survey

I would greatly appreciate any help in regards to obtaining a survey on the perception of marriage for my wife’s research project. She is getting her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and must use a “secondary survey” to poll people in our area for this research project. Although many surveys are referenced in literature we have not found any of the actual surveys regarding Perceptions of Marriage available online for viewing.

Any help is GREATLY appreciate!!!

I’m not certain from the OP what exactly you’re looking for. (Usually secondary survey research means that you’re analyzing data someone else has collected.) Are you looking for a survey instrument (i.e., a list of questions)? Or are you looking for data to analyze? And can you tell us a little more about what you mean by “perceptions of marriage?”

She is looking for a survey instrument. Basically, you nailed it when you said, “a list of questions.” The answers to the survey are supposed to define the “perception(s).” I believe that the survey becomes secondary when they re-issue the survey, collect the new data and then analyze that data… She is in a counseling research class and all of this work is just for that one class.

Hmm. You’re going to encounter some difficulty in that most surveys these days are administered by computer and often have complex skip patterns, so it can be hard to just find a list of questions.

However, you might start with the Fragile Families study. Fragile Families is a relatively new longitudinal survey that targets low-income, unmarried couples who have just had a baby. The baseline interview (section D) has some interesting questions on “marriage attitudes.”

Another place to look might be the General Social Survey. This is a repeated cross-sectional survey that asks attitudinal questions. You can play with it here. Click on codebook and look at the 1988 module on women and work, for example.

Good luck!

PS. While I don’t know how the term secondary research is being used in your wife’s class, in most of academia, secondary survey research means analyzing someone else’s survey data. :slight_smile:

I am forwarding the information to my wife right now. Thank you so much. I feel sure that she will be so thankful for your help! Any direction is better than the hopeless searches that they have been embarking on…