Perfect Attic Fan Weather , Lovin Life tonight

We had an unusual winter time hot spell. Got up to 85 today and it was 77 in my house.

Turned off the central heat for a little while. Opened a couple windows and the back screen door. I’m lovin that cool breeze. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll leave it on for an hour or so until the house gets back down to 73.

Supposed to be only up to 60 tomorrow. Our weather constantly changes here. Definitely, no attic fan tomorrow.

I’ve always said Attic Fans are the perfect Spring Time and late Fall invention.

I had to swap out the electric motor last November. The 40 year old Fan’s bearings were shot and getting very noisy. Went to Grainger and got an exact match. Its a 1/3 horse, 1725 RPM belt drive. Pretty large for a fan, but this thing has a 30 inch blade. A lot of work lugging the motor into the attic and replacing. But, worth it tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just occurred to me that a lot of people may have never had an attic fan.

Diagram showing how the traditional ones works. Usually you’ll find them in the main hallway’s ceiling. You must always open at least two windows on opposite sides of the house or it could damage the fan. They were very popular in 1950’s ranches. They’re making a comeback because they are cheaper than AC to run.