Perfect Picth - related to ear shape?

The reason I’m asking is because someone I know that has perfect pitch suffers from vertigo if they wear their glasses for say a half an hour to an hour.

My husband has perfect pitch and has no problems wearing glasses.

I don’t have perfect pitch, but once when they screwed up my lens presciption at the eyeglass place I did get the dizzies.

So, I think it FAR more likely there is something wrong with your friend’s glasses rather than his ear shape or sensitiviity having anything to do with his symptoms.

For perfect picth, uthe photothop!

Perfect pitch has nothing to do with ear shape. It has to do with the way an individual perceives and can memorize sounds. Of course it does require good aural perception, but only until the sounds are fixed in memory. Then if the person goes deaf (as Beethoven did) they can still recall those sounds and hear them in their head.

Saying perfect pitch has something to do with ear shape is like saying that color blindness has something to do with eyelid shape.