Perhaps Wal Mart are the good guys!

Just to see what the other side is thinking, I get a conservative Christian group’s newsletter in my email. Their latest uplifting piece pointed me to “this important message”, which is the American Family Association campaigning against WalMart because it “Rolls Out [the] Red Carpet For Homosexual Marriage”.

So now I’m just a little bit happier about the new Super WalMart that’s being built near where I live, and now I’m just a bit more likely to do my regular grocery shopping there, when it opens. WalMart is indeed not quite as evil as I thought, if the AFA is unhappy with its attitude towards gays and gay marriage.

One drop of happy into the bucket of unhappiness does not constitute a parade.

It does appear that Walmart is making at least a token effort to improve their image. They still have a lot of changes to make before I would think about shopping there, but this is encouraging. (I get the AFA action alerts too, same reason you do)

On the other side though, the AFA gets their panties in a twist if anyone mentions gay people or samesex marriage without in the same breath announcing that its evil and the participants will be going directly to hell. Hard to tell yet whats really going on with the big W.

I went poking around on their web page and discovered that Wal-Mart has reconsidered somewhat.

Obviously a fact-free smear campaign.

Everyone knows it’s a fuchsia carpet. :slight_smile: