Perils of buying a used computer - some help here?

A couple of months ago I bought a used Compaq laptop. It did not come with any software or manuals. I was able to buy the Quick Restore disc from Compaq as well as a manual. Now the problem: the operating software (Windows 98) started going wacky and I tried to do a “Typical Restore” which entails returning all drivers to their original settings. This did not help. So I did a “Full Restore” which returns the computer to its original I-just-bought-it state. Unfortunately, I do not have the Product Key for Windows 98! Without out this magic number, I am unable to complete the restoration of the computer. I e-mailed Compaq (who, BTW, has been quite helpful considering the computer was never registered) and asked for help. In the event that can’t help me, what are my options?

Get a win98 serial # from… shall we say… a friend. :wink:

Mr Blue Sky: What model number laptop? I really need some display drivers for mine and I can’t find them anywhere!

It’s a Compaq Presario 1625.

Oh, Bernse, I thought about your suggestion. (intense sarcasm on] Gee, I just couldn’t do that! Imagine how that would upset Mr. Gates! [intense sarcasm off]

Especially, if, uh, it were to work. Not that I would try something like that.

…puts head down, quickly exits…

I have a Presario 1255. I wonder if they would have the same drivers.

You could always try Linux. As long as you don’t want to play games there are some Linux versions that copy windows just short of copyright violations.

I don’t think it’s possible to use just any old serial number with Win 98. Angie and I both have 98 on our PCs; in an attempt to correct a problem on her PC, Angie tried to reinstall her copy of 98 using my serial number. She no longer had the number for her copy, and mine didn’t work. It’s possible that my number didn’t work becuase she has the full version and I just have the upgrade.