Perky 1960s breasts

That’s it. The popular body style right now is for very slender women with skinny legs, narrow hips and a smaller waist. That body type doesn’t tend to have naturally large breasts due to low bodyfat and so must turn to breast implants to for an ample bust.

If the popular body style returned to a slightly more curvaceous figure (but not overweight), you’d see a lot more natural preky breasts.

I bet a lot of the women with naturally curvy figures now find themselves fighting obesity. That body type tends to gain weight easily.

Mmm, I guess it must have been difficult to parse what I said. What I said was that the imaged breasts were not that amazingly “perky” compared to current breastage, and that the imaged breasts were normal for 22 year olds without children.

Sorry if that didn’t come through somehow.

And I wasn’t addressing size in any way.

Sorry, the “size” comment was actually meant for someone else, it should have been in a different post.


They’re only fake if they’re holograms. You can still touch them, that makes them real enough for me.

It’s amazing what can be done with five or six cans of hair spray.

Maximum holding power indeed!

Remember that there were far more photos in each model’s photo shoot that Playboy never printed, so there’s a selection effect there, too. However, Playboy had (and may still have) some of those photos in their website’s pay area. I can tell you that in the case of this particular Playmate most of the photos in different poses showed less perkiness than the centerfold.

So for most of the Playmates part of the look is the pose and the angle of the shot. But I can’t figure out exactly how that produces the result in this case. And trust me, I’ve thought long and ha-- I mean I’ve thought about it a lot. :smiley:

Personally, I wouldn’t call her anywhere near zaftig. But interestingly, in the other photos of her I’ve seen, there isn’t a clear shot of her belly.

The semi-well known Internet “Non-nude” model Christina had a similar bustline, before she had them reduced.

Of course, she might NOW be 21, but she started doing cheesecake pics a few years before she turned 18.

What a fascinating photo. I find her face really attractive, but her boobs are cumbersome and unappealing. It’s a turn-off for me. And the protrusion of them seems very unnatural and kind of creeps me out. It looks like she’s having a boob erection.

I wonder what she looks like today.

Wow…I love those. I’m going to have to track down some old Playboys.

From the pose in the linked photo, it could actually be strategically placed tape serving as an invisible bra.

You betcha.

Long ago, well, actually in the very same 1960’s referred to in the opening post, a chum of mine was “scouted” for Playboy. She was a big-breasted girl and during the photo shoot she learned all about that tape. In the end, she was never a centrefold, which turned out to be a pretty good thing, I guess, since she married a very religious police officer and had 7 children.

Which is sometimes what happens to girls with big breasts. :slight_smile:

What’s that Dolly Parton quote? Something like, “Mine? Of course they’re mine. I paid good money for 'em!”

Definitely tape. They just don’t sit that way in other pictures. But very nice nonetheless.

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On the other hand while doing my research I found this cool map of arpanet 1977! So all is not lost.
Yells at SO “Can’t you see I’m computing here? This is Science Damnit!”

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I agree with the tape, BTW, after review of my source.

I’m not sure what that means. Some one can break them or remove them if they want. I just really wanted an excuse to link to the arpanet thing.

Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say. :slight_smile:

(Fran Gerard. One of my favourite 1960’s-style centrefolds, along with Melinda Windsor. :slight_smile: )

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Tape it has to be tape.
Look at the frontal shots

The look way more normal in the frontal shots.

First thing I noticed (and have noticed in many of those older Playboy pics) was the huge areolae. That’s something you just don’t see much any more.

[rant]Lord how I wish certain Usenet posters would stop flooding the NN newsgroups with her pics. Her massive puppies are the only thing she has going for her (which means she does nothing for me). She was never especially good-looking, even when she first started out.[/rant]

That’s definitely unnatural. I wonder if it’s tape, though, or if she’s using her non-visible hand to hold it up. That’s what it looks like is happening in the photo in the middle row, far left of Rick’s second link.

I wonder how this body style fell out of favor. Most men seem to prefer it to the hard bodied women of today with fake boobs.