Doperguys, can you explain the alure of very, very large breasts?]These, for example. (not work safe)

I don’t get it in the least. That looks incredibly uncomfortable and freakish to me.

Well, I guess if she’s selling magazines, then some guys find it attractive, but I suspect you’ll find that for most guys, those are way beyond too big.

Sorry, I can’t. Give me a nice round behind, a pretty face and wicked sharp mind any day. That’s a fatal attraction to me, and breasts don’t really count.

I myself honestly can’t. All that flesh (shudder). Seriously I honestly don’t get my fellow hetero
males’ attraction to huge knockers, I really don’t.

Now give me some nice small perky ones and we’re talking.

It’s a mystery to me.

I don’t just not like it, I find it unattractive. Big blobs of fat don’t do it for me. An A cup is too small but anything beyond that is Ok as long as it is well done and maintained. A D cup is pushing it but can be Ok as long as the sag is minimal.

Add me as another one who has no idea why

I’ll join the chorus. Shape is more important than size. Here is an example of a woman with HUGE breasts, but is totally hot, unlike the link posted in the OP. Link is safe for work . . . aside from the context of the discussion.

Roundness of hips overrules breast size, at any rate.

Anything more than a handful or two is too much for me. I’m a breasts-guy, but shape and perkiness are often more important than size. Give me some young, firm, C-cups with nice tits and you get one happy Auto.

As for that link, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

No attraction for me – in fact quite the opposite. Bigguns look awfully awkward.

Guys generally don’t find things like what is depicted in that link attractive.

You thought they did?!

You’re picture in the OP didn’t do anything for me.

I know it’s not the norm to find that attractive, but there are guys who do find it attractive. Enough to fuel websites and magazines devoted to it.

I like big breasts, but that shot is waaay past what I like. At some point, breasts stop looking large and start looking deformed to me. The first four pics on that row of pics #29 starts on all look strange, although Konec’s don’t look so much large as peculiarly shaped. Might be an artifact caused by the way her arm and the scarf press against her breast.

I can’t explain it at all, not being subject to it in the slightest.

Let’s just say I don’t like the idea of getting hit in the head when I’m going down on a woman. A woman’s breasts shouldn’t be in her lap. For me, huge breasts (meaning bigger than D cups) are actually a turnoff.

The last woman I dated had big ones, but I was willing to overlook that because I was attracted to her otherwise (although even that attraction died once her severe mental illness showed itself). Still, there’s something out of place when a 20-year-old’s nipples are pointing at her toes because she’s already sagging that much.

Whoa. No explanation from me about that.
It reminds me of ancient sculptures that exaggerate the female breasts and belly. The famous Venus of Willendorf is a good example. Notice the detail given to the basic outer signs of sexuality and fertility such as hair, breast and belly size and exaggerated vulva as opposed to the lack of detail to individual characteristics. That’s not very different from a lot of sexual imagery throughout the ages, including modern pornography.
Exaggerated penis size also isn’t uncommon in Asian Indian and Japanese art in particular and the architecture of many, many more cultures.
What’s more, the way the mind perceives images and makes connections makes it easy for some to look at an opening flower or a mushroom and see female and male genitalia, respectively.

You’re looking at an actual Venus of Willendorf. I would imagine that lady’s picture is stoking the primitive portions of more than one person’s id.

Out of curiosity, how do you imagine that we “maintain” our breasts? :confused: I don’t understand “well done” either, unless you’re talking about implants.

Carry on, gents.

For all you guys who like perky and no sag, do you realize how shallow and ageist that sounds? Women’s breasts normally sag as they get older, have kids, etc. - as guys you might not know this, but know it now. It’s a fact of life. And you know what else - women get wrinkles and grey hair, too! Ohmigod, I must only date hardbodied 18 year olds! Any other type of woman is not good enough!

Get over yourselves, dudes. Unless you actually ARE 18 years old, in which case date all the 18 year olds you like.

Add me to the chorus of those who like 'em shapely, but not necessarily large. I really hate breasts that show the outline of the plastic pillow that was inserted to make them “more attractive.” Attractive to whom? Not me. Give me natural.

Now, I’ve had some experience with natural, both large and small, and I can honestly say that the only thing I care about is the woman they come on. Whatever size or shape they are, I like a woman’s breasts because they are hers. No other reason. I can be attracted to a witty, intelliigent woman who is totally flat-chested. But a vapid and self-involved woman with a set of DD’s turns me off.

See, I really am a geezer! :smiley: