Persecuted Malawi couple break up - over a woman.

Article cut down some - if it isn’t enough, just tell me.

This is like those ‘gay’ penguins all over again - one went off with a woman.

Turns out that the couple isn’t actually gay - one identifies as a woman and has lived as a woman for most of their life.

And I’m willing to bet he’s been pressured into saying all of that as well. Very different culture and all. You think we’re homophobic, or trans-phobic, or whatever, in the US? We’ve got nothing on a lot of places, unfortunately.

Face 14 years in the slammer or claim coercion? Easy. People do it in the US military too. If you’re going to have gay sex with someone, make sure they’re at least one pay grade above you. They get busted and you get to claim one-time coercion.


So Steven is a friend of Dorothy?

And Toto too?