Personal country count: the Scottish question

Scottish people today voted on a matter of huge historical importance, with myriad repercussions. The one that really matters to me though is my country count. I’ve been to both England and Scotland. If Scotland votes for independence, does my total country count go up by one or stay the same?

This will be decided by Queen Elizabeth. She’s said she won’t make a decision on this matter until after votes are counted.

I wish you the best in the days ahead.

How do you count East and West Germany? Czech Republic and Slovakia? How about Yugoslavia and Serbia/Croatia/Slovenia/Macedonia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Montenegro/Kosovo?

Better play it safe, If England and Scotland split, go back and visit each one again.

It always was two counties. Merely ruled in union by the same head of state.

I doubt if anyone would have ever counted Austria and Hungary as the same country in that Reich.

For some reason Hungary seems to have progressively lost importance over the 20th century.

I would say it goes up. I was in Antigua before it was independent from the UK, but count it on my list of countries visited. (I’ve been to Tahiti in French Polynesia, but don’t count that separately from France. If it became independent I would.)

I only count them if they were independent when I was there… so I still count having been to East Germany

The UK is a single unitary state, not an actual union.

Like Desert Nomad, I count East and West Germany as two, because I went before the wall fell. I’d always counted the U.K. as one though. I count China and Tibet as two, because f#%* China.

It’s weird to think two people with the same city list could have different country counts, depending on when they went to the cities. It almost makes the whole idea of a country list pointless. Almost.