pesto: freezing longevity

Fresh basil season is half over where I live and I have no recently-made pesto on hand. Drat! I have a small amount of pesto made last year and it will be gone in a few days.

So much for my pesto woes. My real question is how do you pesto aficionados feel about frozen pesto? I had some of my year-old product yesterday evening. It is clearly inferior to fresh made. How long would/do you keep pesto frozen before use.

For me, from now on it’s “use frozen within three months.”

I use it for up to a year, until I make the next batch in early fall.

Up to a year, but I make a vegan pesto without parmesan, which defrosts more tastily.

Wife grows a lot of garlic and basil. I make a lot of pesto. I’ve made four large batches this year with one more left to do. We freeze it in ice cube trays, then vacuum seal and put in the chest freezer. We’ll use it up by next fall.

So, a year. However, I would NOT say a year if you have a typical freezer with auto-defrost. That kills frozen food far sooner. Our chest freezer doesn’t have an auto-defrost so food lasts much longer.

Yep. A year is our limit here too.

I found a partial jar of pesto from Costco in my freezer that’s about a year and a half old. Still tastes fine. I wouldn’t make a habit of keeping it that long, though.

From wguy123:

I think this might be the ticket for a better tasting pesto. I freeze mine in used sour cream containers. Not at all vacuum tight.

Thanks for the responses.

My wife makes pesto base (chopped basil and oil) and freezes it in small containers. When she wants pesto sauce, she takes a container from the freezer and, after it thaws, blends it with parmesan and pine nuts. She tries to use them all within a year.