Pet Bed Left at My Door

This is an odd thing that happened to me today. I take Rigatoni, my boxer puppy to work with me every day. On occasion, he stays home and one of the other dogs comes with me instead. I walk whichever dog I have at least twice during my office hours. Most people I pass on the sidewalk are happy to see the dogs, pet them and ask questions about them.

This morning as I approached my office (street level), I saw a package leaning up against the wall by my door. Quite often I have Amazon deliveries to my office but they always leave them in a secure area, not out on the sidewalk. The package wasn’t in a box or envelope. It says Pet Bed Wonder Miracle on the label and directions on how to use it. (It expands when it’s removed from the packaging.) It is in the manufacturer’s packaging. There is no delivery or sender address on it. I did not order a pet bed.

I’m not sure what to do with it. I feel a little creeped out. Is someone watching me and my dogs and is gifting me a dog bed? I haven’t opened it yet. I looked it up online and it looks like it would be a comfy bed.

My guess is that someone bought one and never used it. So rather than let it go to waste or taking it to a shelter for donation they just left it at your door. They should have taken it to a shelter or to Goodwill/Salvation Army since you did not ask for it.

People do weird things sometimes, perhaps out of shyness. If you are not going to use it then donate it to someone or somewhere who would.