Pet Peeve: Bars and their HDTVs

I don’t think burn-in is much of an issue anymore with modern TVs. Certainly not LCDs.

I don’t stretch mine. It drives me crazy to see it.

You do need to guard against the “burn-in”, but I figure I flip around enough, and watch enough stuff in widescreen that I’m not too concerned.

How modern?

I consider any HDTV modern, but it is a problem with some.

I’ve never seen it in real life, but if you google hdtv burn in, there are images of it out there.


I was at a party at a sports bar in a local country club not too long ago, and found myself impressed because the HDTV sets scattered about were all working correctly, with no stretching whatsoever.

Anyone who would use “ludicrosity” and “retarded” in the same sentence is, well, a juvenile fuckwad.

But I think your real problem is that you’re a sad attention-whoring troll.

First of all they usually do not have black bars, but grey bars. The grey bars approximate the average luminosity of what they expect the TV to show so that wear on that part of the set is similar to the rest of it to minimize burn in. Even so, the manual with my HDTV recommends less than 15% of your viewing be done with grey bars.

Thus, if most of the time the TV is going to be displaying non-HD signals they probably should not leave up the grey bars. A compromise might be to set it to panoramic, or whatever the particular manufacturer calls it (undistorted in the middle, stretched at the sides).

  1. You have to change the channel to the actual hi-def station. Yes, I know you’ve been watching football on Fox 5 for years, but channel 5 isn’t the hi-def feed. You’ve got to change to channel 243 or whatever Fox-HD is in your area.

And lissener, it would be easy (and accurate) to call you fuckwit, or troll, or any of the other names that’ve been slung at you here. Instead, I’m going to point out that you’re blatantly wrong. Sports programming in hi-def is second only to much of the programming on Discovery HD for showcasing the beauty and clarity of the technology. One would have to either be blind or mind-bogglingly ignorant to try and argue otherwise.

Hmm, with some searching it seems there might be something to it still but apparently it’s not usually permanent damage with plasma or LCD:

Oops, that’s from the wikipedia article on Phosphor burn-in.