Pete Townshend's Arrest

I guess I am surprised no one has posted about it yet.

The Who made great music. In a perfect world, that is all that would matter.

Given Entwhistle’s death, and what seemed, to me, Daltrey’s and Townshend’s rather callous response to it (start the tour right away, anyway), and now Pete’s arrest, this is a bad year for them.

Pete seems like he’s had his share of troubles. Substance abuse, some sexuality issues (“Rough Boys” anyone? He seems to have denied that, but it does seem that his sexuality, regardless of what we think, has been a source of pain for him).

And now this - pedophilia? If no, then really bad luck. If so, then a ton of denial. Either way, he is going to go through hell. I hope he comes out okay.

I wanted to post about this too. I am a big fan of The Who and Pete Townsend, so I read a few stories about this. He swears up and down he was just doing research for a book that he was writing about his own childhood sexual abuse. He claims he informed Scotland Yard about this before he ever subscribed to the porn group, and is trying to contact the policemen he spoke to, with no avail as yet. He also admits that he is a big fan of pornography, but not child porn. Horrified and dismayed is how I’d characterize his reaction.

I’m not sure what to think. Will it affect my opinion of his music? Not one bit. Hell, James Brown was a coked-out wife-beater, but I still love him. I try to separate the art and the artist. All I can say is, if Pete is innocent, I hope his name is duly cleared. If not, he can reap the whirlwind.

There’s a thread about it in Great Debates.

There’s a GD Thread about it. Things don’t look good for Pete at all, sad to say.

He claims he informed Scotland Yard about this before he ever subscribed to the porn group, and is trying to contact the policemen he spoke to, with no avail as yet.

If infiltration or vigilantism really was his plan, then he was extremely mind-blowingly stupid not to get very solid written agreement from the police before proceeding.

For the record, the liner notes to Empty Glass, Townshend’s second solo album, state that Rough Boys is about the Sex Pistols.

On his website, Pete has taken a stand AGAINST such materials as far back as 2001. In several of his diary entries, he has advocated the abolition of child porn on the internet. However, possession of such stuff, even in the name of ‘research’ is just plain DUMB. Whatever the truth is, there are certainly some dark days ahead for him.

All of a sudden, the lyrics to “Tommy” make sense: “See me, feel me, touch me…”

(Sorry. So sorry. Even though I stole it from Jay Leno last night, it’s no excuse…)

From what I’ve been able to make out from various news reports, it seems that Townshend has denied ever downloading any child pornography. His interest was in seeing how easy it was to access sites that had child pornography, and he satisfied this curiosity by merely visiting the main page of a site that billed itself as having such material.

Still not the brightest move, but a degree or two smarter than actually downloading the stuff.

A hypothetcial question:

Pete admits to using his credit card to access the porn. The police take his computer (and will likely get a search warrant for house). Let’s say they find no porn or evidence of porn. Then what?

Then we all pretend this never happened, and anticipate the release of his upcomming book?