Peter Fox fans: please explain "Haus am See"?

This Christmas my niece showed me a music video by German singer Peter Fox. The song/video was Alles Neu. The video is amusing (the monkeys/apes are apparently related to the album title, “Stadtaffe,” meaning “city ape”), and the music upbeat. Not knowing a lick of German, I found an english translation here, and they lyrics seem as upbeat as the music. Cool.

Then I dug up another song from the same album, “Haus am See.” The English-translated lyrics seem equally optimistic, speaking of how his life is great - friends with everybody, beautiful wife - and how fantastic it will be when he’s an old man with 20 kids and 100 grand kids. But the video…well, it seems a little darker, showing a grungy, balding man living in an isolated, run-down shack by the lake, spending his time fishing and drinking, no family/friends.

Again, I don’t speak any German, so I’m wondering if something has been lost in translation, some bit of sarcasm or wordplay that makes it clear (or even hints) that these are the rambling delusions of a middle-aged hermit, rather than the optimism of a young man about to embark on a thoroughly fulfilling life voyage. In any event, the message of the video seems to be quite a jarring contrast to Alles Neu.


P.S. In spite of the darkness of the video, I laughed - and still laugh - at the worm @2:30… :smiley:

I really like the songs as well, but it’s the first time that I’ve seen the Haus am See video. The translation of that is pretty bad, but I guess you could figure it out.
(Ask if you need a better one of a specific line.)

There’s no hidden meaning that I could see in this song, its message just clashes with the imagery in the latter half of the video.
Perhaps the matching scenes would have been too much of a Hollywood cliché? :slight_smile:

I saw Peter Fox live at a free festival in Karlsruhe, and he and his band were really great!
A drum ensemble from North Carolina is a big part of the live show.

You probably know about Seeed, his original band?

Anything in German can be made so sound dark. Die Eier Von Satan!