Peter Jackson is directing the Hobbit

Looks like it is settled, except for the union issues over actors.

From The One



Ain’t it Cool, who are pretty close with Jackson, are also reporting it now.

It’s really happening.

Two Hobbits greenlit with Peter Jackson directing!

Good, maybe this means the movie will actually get made now?

I’m guessing that if they film in February 2011(the scripts have been finished for awhile), then they can get one out by 2012 and the other out by 2013.

Or 2013 and 2014.

Good! Should have been a no-brainer, but I’m glad they’ve come to their senses.

Looks like the first one is scheduled to drop on:

December 19, 2012.

11 years, basically, from Fellowship. Could it have really been that long?

Aftre GDT bowed out, PJ was the obvious logical choice.
Hopefully the actor boycott brouhaha can be cleared up.


Wow, great news. I met Guillermo del Toro last night and talked to him for about 10 minutes (gloat), and totally forgot to mention The Hobbit. This is great… If not del Toro, then Jackson was the only other choice all along.

Waiting eleven years is better than waiting for eleventy-one years!

What did you talk about then?

I liked the other films, but I kinda wanted a new director. The Hobbits already pretty similar to LOTR, with the same guy at the helm its just gonna seem like an inferior rehash of the previous films.

Music, believe it or not. Not a word about his past or upcoming work, everyone else was talking/asking about that, so I wanted to discuss something different. He loves music, so that’s what we talked about. He seemed very happy about it too.

What a great guy, so nice and funny. It was at an After Party at the Chicago International Film Festival. Earlier he had been given the Visionary Award at the festival. There were two comfy chairs set up in front of the screen, and he and Ron Perlman sat and talked, telling funny stories about each other. Then Guillermo introduced the movie The Devil’s Backbone telling about how it changed his life. It was so great seeing the movie on the big screen. I’d only seen it on DVD before. At the After Party there was a long line to meet Guillermo, and I was the last one there waiting in line to talk to him. He really seemed interested in the topic and gave me a big hug before we parted. melt (I also got to meet Ron Perlman and had him sign a Hellboy DVD. If I’d known he was going to be there (his appearance was a total surprise to everybody) I’d have brought my City of Lost Children DVD and Laserdisc.

The thing is, del Toro worked on the film for years with the creative team. To a great extent, it is going to be del Toro’s vision, and I’m sure the decision to leave the film was not made lightly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson gives del Toro a co-directing credit, or something like “Executive Art Director”.

We have now had an official press release stating that Jackson will direct and they will come out in 2012 and 2013.

Rumors are still pointing toward Martin Freeman(Tim in the Office) being Bilbo.

Plus, they already have all the wardrobe and weapons and stuff, so that will save some time, right?

Waaaay before the trilogy, I wrote Ralph Bakshi an e-mail asking when/if he was going to continue the story?

He wrote back, “No way, Bill. I’m concentrating on my painting.”

Good decision, huh?


Tone is, or should be, completely different. Just so long as they don’t do the while Necromancer vs. the White Council bit like someone threatened.

Hey, great! There will now be an even greater thematic and visual linkage to the LOTR movies, which I think is all for the best.

I hope Andrew Lesnie is the cinematographer.

Gosh, I hope he doesn’t get bogged down making The Last Airbender 2.


Refuse to read link or put any effort into learning information…

So how did the studio deal with the bankruptcy issue? And the PJ suing them for LOTR mis-reported income issue?


Will they be able to bag Martin Freeman for the Bilbo role despite the achingly painstaking and time killing length of the three episode long seasons of Sherlock Holmes?