Peter Murphy has a new album?!

I was looking around on AMG under Peter Murphy and noticed that they list an album after Dust. I had never heard any news of a new album.
I checked out his website ([/url), and sure enough, the site’s been redesigned and they mention a new album under the news section. I had last checked a few months ago and there was no mention of an upcoming album.

Anyway, has anybody here heard the new album and can say what it’s like?

There was news some time back (spring?) about Peter recording in Montreal, LA, Phoenix, London and Istanbul.

Peter has signed to Viastar and they have had some difficulites with the manufacturing and distributing. I gleaned this from the Viastar website and the RollCall Group on Yahoo!. It was to be released on Oct 5, but the manufacturing problems got in the way and pushed back to Oct 19. That came and went and stores started getting them on Friday due to distribution problems. I still can’t find it in Toronto. has 30 second samples from each song.

Based on those, it seems that he is trying to be Peter too much and doesn’t mesh with the music as well as he has in the past. I’ll still pick it up and give it a proper listen, though…when I can find it.