Peter Pan has made my day

My best friend gave me the gift of a round trip ticked from upstate NY to Western MA, so I could get away from my house for a week. I’ve been out of work on workman’s comp for a month now and I had been suffering from major cabin fever.

So, I’ve been taking Peter Pan. I have to transfer over in Albany.

I am sitting on my first bus right now. I had no clue that any buses had WiFi. This is so cool. I have m MP3 player with audiobooks, my new book (Tales of H.P. Lovecraft) and now the internet too. I doubt I’m going to be bored on this trip.

I am getting a bit queasy though. I think I might need to sit facing forward.

Having spent some time in Plattsburgh, I’m forced to ask - what took you so long to leave, if only temporarily?!

I opened this thread thinking you were talking about this guy

Me too. I haven’t been to that site in years – and omigod, the guy (sic) is married! (I wonder if the marriage has been consummated?) From his account:

Guess that explains why none of the tabloids had said anything.

OK, so, I knooooowwww it’s evil. He may very well spend his Winters doling out stew at the local soup kitchen and knitting leg warmers for the homeless.

But there is a tiny evil part of me that thinks geez. . . *that guy *found someone, and I’m still alone?!? I mean WTF? \Hijack

I came in hoping that my favorite peanut butter had somehow managed to convince you that it is safe to eat again.

But thanks for the tip, it’s always good to know there is a cheap and comfortable way to travel. My last Greyhound trip will def be my last!

Funny you should ask that. When I moved up here, I hated it and wanted nothing more than to leave. But, living with my sister has improved our relationship so much that the girl who beat the crap out of me most days of the first 16 years of my life is now one of the best friends I ever have or will have. Her boyfriend is like a brother to me. I love being with them. And, I love my job and can’t wait to get back.

So, while Pburgh is nothing like Worcester and I still miss Massachusetts, the town has actually started to grow on me. Besides, the views here are incredible.

Thank god for Google. I had absolutely no idea what “taking a peter pan” might possibly allude to. I too, thought of the pixie that found love. Then I pondered peanut butter. Then I reread the thread. Then, I googled “taking peter pan.”
FYI, for those of you NOT in the Great North East. Peter Pan is a bus line that seems to travel exclusively in the NE corner of the US.

I can sleep once again.

Just got back from Plattsburgh on Thursday evening. I have been going up once a month for business recently.

Boy it’s sure a culture shock switching back and forth between Plattsburgh NY and the Trenton NJ area. It’s a pretty long drive too.

Audiobooks are great. Glad you are fully equipped.

Well, thank you, because I was going through the same process.

Yes, thank you. I had no clue what the OP had to do with the thread title.

But it reminded me of this guy.

Psst – see post #3.

Oops. I guess I was too preoccupied with wondering what the OP was talking about.