Peter Pan

Peanut butter, that is… oh, and crunchy. I just opened a new jar and spread it on the freshest wheat bread. (Yeah, I’m on a few things.) Anyway, I think lotsa problems could be solved if everybody did this. I do understand that some would prefer creamy, and that’s OK. Heck, some might even prefer white bread, and that too is just peachy. Don’t you just LOVE life? :slight_smile: Oh, and in less than two hours, I’ll be smoke-free for five weeks and one day. It’s affecting my mental health, but my lungs are gonna once again be pink.

Congrats on the no smoking. If only my parents too your route.

As for the peanut butter…crunchy all the way! You need a little variety in that cream.



Crunchy on wheat toast. Creamy is acceptable when the wheat toast is the good wheat bread, the kind with all the grains and texture anyway.


thanks for the thought, peantu butter on hot toast makes me happy.

Congrats on your pink, healthy lungs! You were never that sane anyway, and now you have a more efficient system! Good job!

Gosh, nobody has ever put it quite that way! I like your thinking. Oh, and thanks. :slight_smile:

Crunchy peanutbutter is good melted in the microwave and then put on ice cream…

[homer]Mmm…pink lungs…[/homer]

Jif creamy. There is no substitute.

(Five days and 23.5 hours smoke-free :))

None of you have lived until you have tasted roasted cashew or roasted almond butter. Talk about tasty!

Dare I reignite the usual massive controversy by mentioning a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich?

I can go with either creamy or crunchy, but if it’s creamy, I like to add either Rice Krispies or Cheerios.