Peter Straub has died

One of my favorites. The author of Ghost Story and Koko and co-author with Stephen King on The Talisman and Black House.

He was 79, and had never been in what you’d call excellent health.

Oh no. He was so freaking imaginative. I was just starting to reread the Blue Throat books… RIP

Ghost Story was a wonderful one of a kind story.
It’s hard to know who wrote exactly what, but the opening pages of Black House with the unique perspective is some damn fine reading.
RIP Mr. Straub.

Oh no. I loved The Talisman, I read it in high school. I have a paperback copy of Black House I’d picked up at a secondhand store and never got around to reading it. I should do so in his honor.

One of my all-time favorites. I re-read it every few years, and I almost always find something new.

I left work early and raced to the store the day it came out.

RIP, sir, and thank you.