Petrolia Park

Anyone know about about Petrolia Park in or around Okmulgee, Oklahoma? It’s an open-ended question, but there is little on the Internet about it as far as I can tell.


I guess that’s a No…

If you are talking about the baseball park, according to S.A.B.R., it was only used from 1923 thrugh 1927 by the Okmulgee Drillers of the Western League, (a C class outfit). I am not surprised that this thread has failed to generate three pages of responses.

On the other hand, the page I found, (and to which I have linked), has an additional link to the Society for American Baseball Research, as well as to its SABR Minor Leagues Database and Minor League Committee. Someone, there might have more info.

There is an athletic field in Okmulgee on the National Historic Register, Harmon Field, but it was built by the Works Project Administration in 1935, eight years after the last minor league ball game. Writing to the library or a local historical society might get you more info, (such as whether Harmon Field–a football field–replaced Petrolia Park).