Pets reflect the type of person you are

A thread in IMHO about why people dislike cats has got me thinking about the type of pets people tend to have. I notice a lot of the answers in there give the reason that cats are too independent and not as lovable when compared to dogs who will give you your undivided attention. It got me to thinking that I like cats BECAUSE they are independent and aloof; I find dogs to be irritating because they constantly want attention and will whine and cry if they don’t get it.

Cats = introverts; dogs = extroverts?

What does this say about people who like both dogs and cats?! :dubious:

I dunno. I’m a very introverted person, and I have dogs. I love them both, madly, but one of them is pretty low-key, goes her own way, does her own thing. The other one drives me nuts because he always has to be with me, getting kissed, getting cuddled, etc. I love him; I just want to be left alone sometimes.

And I do love cats too. We had them all the time when I was growing up. We’d probably have a cat now had it not been for a total fluke that ended up with us getting our first dog.

I’m not buying it, as I am an extreme introvert and I love dogs.

Of course, I am allergic to cats, but I really think that I would prefer dogs even if I weren’t. I’m just a dog lover. Dogs offer you their hearts and souls.

Well, of course within each specific species, there will be a spectrum of personality too. My sister had a lap cat who would rub himself up to everyone and anyone who walked in through her door and would jump into the first available lap. He’d also push his head against your hand in his demand to be pet. I’ve never seen an aloof dog, though.

I have 3 cats, a dog, and an extremely extroverted bird. Well, and a husband. And I’m a HUGE introvert. They all make me insane at times. :smiley:

Many cat breeds, while independent, are very outgoing and friendly and will be all over whatever people will be in the room.

I also have a male cat that is a rescue. He was a very sick, three week old cat when I brought him home and quarantined him in a spare bathroom. For the first month of his life, I was pretty much the only person he saw. I’d go in and feed, water him, clean his box, and play with him. Occasionally we sat there while the shower steamed the room so he could clear fluids from his URI. I truly believe he thinks I’m his mom. When I walk in the house, he mobs me and follows me around.

If I’m upstairs and go downstairs, or vice versa - he races in front of me on the stairs. I am the only one allowed to pick him up without risk of massive arm-scratching. In fact, he’ll have to be in JUST the right mood to let other people pet him. All I have to do is sit near him and he starts purring. If I pet him he gets so excited he drools and purrs.

Sometimes, he opens the shower door when I’m in there. He’ll just sit there until I get out. He wakes me up in the morning by licking my face and the top of my head.

This is not an aloof cat.

Seriously introverted, and I have a dog that absolutely must have people around. And I like it that way - most of the time. He’s a big sweetie.

But then again, I’ve never been a cat person, and my first dog had definitely decided I was HER human, so that’s probably got something to do with it.

ETA: My bad, I forgot to say that I prefer it that my dog is the extrovert of the family, really. I use him as my “face” online where avatars are allowed, and he’s great for starting conversations with people. This way I don’t have to try to introduce myself to people - he does it for me. Makes it way easier for this seriously shy introvert to talk to people.

I’m an introvert and have two dogs. Although they are both quite affectionate with me, neither one craves my constant attention. They only actually come to me if they want something, say to be let outside or have their water bowl filled. As for the rest of the time, they do come to me immediately and happily when I call them and love to be patted and rubbed. Both dogs are perfectly happy to get hands-on attention from me, but don’t whine or bother me if my attention is elsewhere.

I’m an asshole, and I have cats. Come to think of it, they’re mostly assholes too.

They love you if you have food. Or, on the other hand, if you are food. Best to keep moving, though. Slight difference that.

As always it’s always dogs or cats! People have other pets, too, you know.

But they’re weird.

Hm. I imagine a snake owner as someone that’s a thrill seeker who are prone to break social conventions. After all, we are biologically conditioned to avoid those creatures.

I’ll eat pretty much anything, so I identify with dogs. Especially Labradors.

I prefer eating live mice and fish heads, so I identify more closely with cats.

Right and they tell you no more about your personality than if you own a cat or a dog ;).

I’ve owned snakes ( nine at one point ), lizards, frogs, salamanders, scorpions, spiders, fish, cats and dogs ( no birds though, too noisy and ferrets are currently illegal where I live ). I don’t think my ownership of any of the above has anything intrinsic to say about my personality other than the general notion that I like animals.

We’ve had this discussion several times before and I remain, as ever, unconvinced by the anecdotes ( including those by my co-worker, who is convinced “dog people” vote Republican in much higher numbers than “cat people” ). I think preferences, when they exist, are highly individual and aren’t likely to tell you much about the likliehood of a person also favoring, say, gelato over frozen yogurt.

Well, there ya go. I’m a dog owner and voted Obama, so that busted the dog-owners-vote-Republican myth.

I like both cats and dogs. I just don’t like cat boxes. So I have never had a cat as an indoor pet.

As far as other pets. I had some fresh water fish for about 5 years. I had a bird for awhile. I even had a “pet” cow as a kid. But as far as a house pet, that I can really get attached to. I am pretty much a dog person I guess.

I spoke out pretty harshly against cats in that previous thread, and I’m neither an introvert nor an extrovert (seriously! I took a myers-briggs test, and I’m 1% weighted towards extrovert, ie 51% extrovert, 49% introvert).

My theory about who likes dogs vs. cats has to do with structure. Dogs and dog people are happiest in a structured/consistent environment, and hence respond well to a dependent relationship - they can live within the same schedule of walks, feeding, etc. Cats and cat people don’t like structure. They don’t like having to be home to take the cat out for a walk, they like the fact the cat can sometimes take care of itself. Hence the celebration of kitty independence.

2 cats. Inherited them. Don’t like them and they don’t like me. Very extroverted. Still, we get along well other then them peeing all over everything and scratching everything. Not bad animals just not my type.

Dogs? Don’t like them. Don’t want to pick up their shite and some bite people and hurt them.

I’m introverted, and prefer cats. I like that they are more independent and less ‘needy’ than dogs.

My partner’s brother has a young labrador who just goes nuts when she sees people and jumps about all over the place - I can’t stand that! I do like my mother’s dogs; they are well behaved and don’t get overexcited. I like her cats better though :wink: