Phallic Flower of Hell

Please feel free to share any other botanical monstrosities.

I’m pretty sure that science writer Willy Ley did a piece on this. See his Willy Ley’s Exotic Zoology. He also did a piece on Rafflesia (sp?), the “Largest flower”.

Beautiful, isn’t it?
My potted Amorprophallus konjac seemd to have survived the fire.
They were at work last year, too young to bloom. Everyone thought the foliage was pretty, but asked what they were…

Oh yeah, the blooms smell like dead things and are pollinated by deaths head beetles, flies and such. Cool.

Does it have to be botanical? Cuz then we can’t talk about this giant octopus!

But then, there’s always Kudzu: The Vine that Ate the South. Creepy! Literally!

There’s suppose to be a flower that only blooms every 10 yrs. or something, and smells like rotting flesh.