Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Show Streaming for free this weekend

An encore presentation of the 25th Anniversary performance of The Phantom of the Opera is streaming for free on YouTube this weekend.

This show has Sierra Boggess playing Christina and Ramin Karimloo playing the Phantom.

Seems like this happened yesterday, but thanks for sharing! Wish we caught the live premiere, but I’m still going to try to watch this with a friend.

One of the best Phantoms. I would like to see him play Jean Valjean.

The ending introduced me to John Owen-Jones, whom I’ve never heard of before, but I really loved his voice. He is also one of the played the Phantom/played Valjean crew.

Ramin Karimloo can be seen playing Jean Valjean in Les Miserables: the Broadway Musical.

This is the production from the Royal Albert Hall. If you’re going to watch or own one Phantom, this is the one. Spectacular. Miles beyond that lame movie. Ramin Karimloo is devastatingly good.

Where can I see that???

I wish I knew!

I had just finished watching this - it’s fantastic!