Phelps: Obama's the Anti-Christ

PDF of Phelps’ press release. I’m still wondering why God hasn’t made with the smiting.

Obama’s guilty of the Arminian heresy that humans have free will? What’s the point of telling people they should go hate fags if they have no control over the matter? I’m beginning to think Fred Phelps is illogical!

Phelps says something bigoted. Alert the media.

Maybe there should just be a Phelps sticky, because DAMN. Another thread every time this stoma oozes? C’mon.

What took you so long? :dubious:

I’d expected to see Phelps endorse Obama after seeing this story:

“In this historic presidential election year, political observers say high voter turnout for Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama – who is predicted to draw record numbers of church-going African Americans and Latinos – may spell the demise of legal gay marriage in California.”

C’mon Fred, now you gotta support the Antichrist. It is written.

On the other hand, I do admire the fact that Phelps doesn’t make the error of so much other End Times prophecy: that there can only be one Antichrist. Notice how Phelps’ press release is carefully worded so as not to exclude the possibility of other Antichrists in future.

Obviously, if he were to explicitly claim that Obama is the ONLY Antichrist, and then another Antichrist showed up later, it would seriously undermine Phelps’ credibility. He’s clearly put a lot of thought into avoiding that eventuality.

He’s just nowgetting around to saying that?

Why is he always so late to the party?

That does it. I’ve finally made up my mind for my presidential candidate!

If Phelps is against Obama, I have no choice.

Obama for President!

Actually he does in the OP’s subject.


  1. Proclaims Obama to be the Anti-Christ

  2. Says America deserves the AntiChrist as her president.

They should make him give back his gold medals.

You win the interweb!

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It’s your fault even if you have no control over it. That’s Calvinism.

You can and you can’t
You will and you won’t
You’ll be damned if you do
You’ll be damned if you don’t

That said, WRT the “Obama = Antichrist” meme, Phelps is coming rather late to the game.

Phelps is late to the game on this one. This Obama=Antichrist meme has been ubiquitous for months already amongst right wing evangelicals. McCain even referenced it in a coded way with his “Obama: The One” ad.
The ironic thing is that if these people really think Obama is the Antichrist, then they should want him to get elected. Wouldn’t it throw a wrench into their whole endtimes pageant if their Antichrist couldn’t get himself elected?

Yeah, that sucks. I wish Phelps’ rantings were a bigger deal because they’re so much fun. The main thing I don’t like about Fred Phelps is that he makes other fundamentalists sound reasonable by comparison.

The fat one balances the two skinny ones.

Takes one to know one, Phred.

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