Philadelphia Mayors and Philadelphia Prisoners

Current Mayor Michael Nutter has been in the news several times either speaking about his concerns for prisoners in the Philadelphia system or addressing them directly. It’s probably a very small part of his work time, and in the end it may prove largely ineffective. But have previous Philadelphia Mayors been as vocal as Nutter? I can’t remember any that have.

It’s been in the news before, but Nutter is probably a bit more confident in his ability to discuss the subject. I am 42, and remember back to Mayor Goode talking about the same issues in the mid 80’s.

I think this issue is a bit tough for GQ section here at the dope, as it’s more about metering a discussion on the subject.

Your hunch is probably correct, though: No other mayor was as vocal. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t brought up, but Nutter is probably more vocal/open and less apologetic (a key) for bringing up the subject.

I appreciate your contribution. I’m 49 and lived across the river in NJ for years. I don’t remember Wilson Goode’s contributions to the discussion, but perhaps I’m more politically aware now.