philippe starck and target

i’m really liking target about now. first of all, wal-mart is just too freaking slow and the lines are too long, so i’ve all but boycotted them, and their demon spawn, the super wal-mart.

a couple years ago target commisioned micheal graves to design some household items, and even though i didn’t buy any of them, and i’m not really a fan of graves (even though he’s an indianapolis native), i was happy to see that a store like target actually cared about the design of their products.

recently, target has unveiled a phillippe starck designed line. for those that don’t know, starck is a designer, and sometimes architect, who is known for incorporating a sense of humor in his work. lately, he’s been working with inexpensive materials, which became a great segue for his target line. once again, i’m not a huge starck fan, but it i’m very happy to see a huge chain store doing its part to get good design out there to the masses. and it’s good business, they’re separating themselves from wal-mart by offering higher quality.

so go out to target and check the stuff out. some if it’s pretty cool. i broke down and bought some bookends…

You can see some of the Starck stuff they havehere, although what they’re showing doesn’t look as purty as the Graves stuff.

I really prefer Target to Wal-mart. Wal-mart’s messy and the aisles are too narrow. I won’t even go into the clientele (at least the ones here).

Unfortunately there’s a new Wal-mart less than ten minutes from my house now so it just doesn’t make sense to drive twenty-five minutes to Target.