Philips CPAP users, heads-up: here comes a recall

Just in case you missed the news, Philips is issuing a recall on a bunch of its CPAP and ventilator devices:

Foam in the intake tract (downstream of the intake particulate filters) can degrade and spew toxic particles into the air you breathe. They are advising CPAP users to stop using their machines and check in with their doc or equipment supplier for advice. Mine is only a couple of years old and has always been kept in a cool/dry environment, and does not appear to be shedding foam, so I plan to keep using mine until a repair/replacement becomes available.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’m not going to stop using mine (keep it in a cool/dry place and don’t use an ozone cleaner) because I’ll be a zombie without it. But I’ll be waiting for contact from my supplier!

Saw my sleep doc today and he raised up this issue. Expects guidance in about a week. Looks like will have to send the machine in for repairs…

I really went in to see if my insurance would cover a battery powered cpap. Alas, it won’t.

Send it in for repairs?? I seriously cannot sleep without mine. I am guessing many other patients can’t either. I’m hoping there’s either going to be a replacement option or some sort of repair option. Or maybe I can FedEx myself along with the machine? :slight_smile:

I dunno how it is where you are but I have to get mine from a durable medical equipment company and they are making a killing off of me having this machine. I hope that business model provides for seamless recall repairs.

There is a YouTube CPAP reviewer who is mad at Philips, saying they’ve been aware of the problem for a long time and are only just now taking action. He’s convinced that they were waiting until their new Dreamstation 2 was ready for release so that they could just hand them out as replacements for all of us with affected older models.

If he’s right, then you won’t have to do without a CPAP at all; you’ll be able to bring your old unit in and go home with a shiny new DS2. We’ll see what comes to pass…

My equipment provider sent out a letter saying that Phillips hasn’t contacted them or given them any guidance so they don’t know what’s going to happen. But they did direct me to go to the Phillips site and register my unit, and to check if it’s even part of the recall (it is).

I suggest all CPAP and BiPAP Dopers do the same: Home | Philips Recall (