Phillips screws in radio cabinets

I restore antique radios, and was wondering when the furnature mfgs. that made the cabinets switched to phillips screws. I know the automotive mfg used them first in the 30’s. It snould be a good way to date a piece of furnature. Ken

After reading the thread title, the first response I wanted to make was "he does?

Sorry, I have nothing else to add, except that next time you might want to phrase the title as a question to be clearer (i.e. “When did Phillips screws began to be used in cabinets?”). Since, you know, I have so much experience on the SDMB (two months baby!). :rolleyes:

I’ve got some Crosleys from the 40’s and they don’t have Phillips heads.

Since not all makers would have started using Phillips at the same time, etc., I think this is a poor method of dating. In shopping for antique radios, I always look at the number and types of tubes. I like octal sets of the All-American 6 (not 5!) type.

There are also a number of schematic catalogs that help in iding and dating a set. The main metro library branch in my area even has pre-WWII (and thus pre-Sams) catalogs.