Philly Dopers - Restaurant Advice, Please

I’ll be in Philadelphia for business next week. I’m traveling alone and will have two nights to myself. I’ll be staying in the University City neighborhood and will not have a car. I’m not ruling out taxis or subway (they have a subway, right?) but I’d prefer to stay within walking distance of my hotel (I’m used to walking looooong distances in NYC.)

I like all kinds of food and would love some recommendations on interesting places to eat (and bars too…)

Definitely hit up Abyssinia Ethiopian Food at 229 S 45th Street. It should be a reasonable walk from anywhere in University City and I’ve never been disappointed.

That’s great, thanks. It’s on the list. I haven’t had good Ethiopian in a few years.

I’ve had a number of great meals at The White Dog Cafe, right in the middle of University City.

I don’t live in Philly, but I’ve been to Sabrina’s, and it was FANTASTIC. Try their stuffed meatloaf. I know that sounds gross, but it’s unreal.

Don’t go to the White Dog if you’re politically conservative. They are unabashedly far left.

There’s a hipsterish bar above Abyssinia called Fiume. They have a pretty wide beer selection.

There’s also New Deck and La Terrasse, both near each other and the White Dog. If you like bubble tea, Bubble House is near there too. You can stop in for some bubble tea or a light, casual lunch.

My favorite bar in the downtown area is Eulogy. It’s in Old City, but the short trip is worth it. Get on the Market-Frankford El (blue line) and take it down to 2nd St.

A very good restaurant, in the middle of a very good block. In addition to a good bookstore (Penn Book Center) and cool imported-periodicals store (Avril 50), there are:
–Bubble House (Asian-inspired food, bubble tea, bar)
–New Deck Tavern (wannabe-Irish bar, decent food)
–La Terrasse (French-inspired, a bit pricey)
Up Sansom Street a block or so is Pod (Asian fusion, sushi, fancy drinks, quite pricey). Turn the corner to 36th and Walnut, and there’s Pizza Rustica, which is also a bar (try the pizza with the egg in the middle).

If you do go up to Abyssinia, and you like good beer, try a detour to Local 44 Beer Bar at 44th and Spruce on your way back.

These are exactly what I was looking for. I knew my fellow dopers wouldn’t let me down! Thanks everyone. Keep 'em coming. I only have two nights, but I can pack a lot in…

If you like Indian food, try Sitar India, 60 S. 38th St.

Do NOT go to the White Dog. (No matter what your political orientation.) It was recently sold and the new ownership has been trying their best to ruin the place. The quality of food and service has gone way down.

But if you like $10 nachos that don’t include salsa, be my guest. :wink:

DISCLAIMER: I am a little biased because I know several people who used to work there (before the new owners fired everyone.) But I have also gotten reports from other people that support my point of view.

Thanks for the info. Any places to recommend?

Lemon Grass Thai at 36th and Lancaster, not far from Market St (because Lancaster eventually converges into Market. Lancaster is a rare street that does not align with the Philly grid.)

The food at Lemon Grass is incredible, but the service catches people off guard. You get everything you want, they just don’t fluff it up and go too super-mushy American-style fake customer service on you.

To me, that’s great!

Dumplings…spring rolls…drunken noodles…MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I agree with this. White Dog was god awful the last time I went there. I also think that New Deck has gone downhill and that, while the food is good, plan for a LOOoong meal at Abyssinia. The service is really, really slow.

It depends on exactly where you’re staying and how far you’re willing to walk/take the bus, but I’ve consistently enjoyed Rx (45th and Spruce) if you want a place with a slightly local/organic bent (not as much as White Dog was, though). Marigold Kitchen (45 and larchwood) is decent, though spendy for what it is. You can get a similar quality meal, though slightly less fancy, at Rx.

Thai- If you go to the 40th and Chestnut block, there’s Pattaya Grill (okay Thai), Thai Singha House (I vastly prefer them, even though it looks less nice- get the fire game hen), and Nan (never been, but I’ve heard it’s nice).

Indian: Of New Delhi (40th and Chestnut), Sitar India (near chestnut on 38th) and Tandoor (on 40th itself near Chestnut), I prefer New Delhi if you order off the menu and Sitar’s buffet.

I agree with the local 44; if you want relatively obscure (and excellent!) beer on tap, they can get you what you need. They’re menu’s pretty limited though (I can, however, vouch for the oyster po’boy).

If you want a brewpub, head down to Dock street on 50th and baltimore ave. They have gourmet pizza (They’re owned by the woman who owns pizza rustica, I think. Pizza Rustica is on 36th and chestnut and is good.) and brew their own beer- the satellite espresso stout and the rye IPA are particular winners.