Philly goes wi-fi

Now I need to move to Philly so I can get myself some free wireless access.
I’m wondering if ISP’s will try to stop them somehow. I mean, if you can have a free, or much cheaper, high speed connection, why would you pay for anything else? I can see some people needing them if the signal is too weak to get into their home, but I imagine a lot of people would still be able to access the connection from their homes.

I guess some people would be happy with yahoo mail or whatever.
Seems like you’d want a “real” IP for reliable email.

Who you gonna call when it don’t work?

Hell’s broke, Great Barrier Reef is ten bucks a month with, I believe, five mail boxes.

You’re sharing that bandwidth with a hell of a lot of folks.

This is so typical of Philly. Let’s spend a gazillion dollars on citywide wireless internet. No matter that the school system sucks, most streets west of 44th look like a war zone, and fire stations are being closed to balance the budget.

Hello John Street-Priorities? :smack:

There is talk of something similar going on in my town, Pune (200 km south of Bombay). Here though, it seems to be a private enterprise, with a bunch of large corporates getting together to set it up. Things like these usually never happen, but they did manage to get our university campus wi-fi enabled, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. I can’t wait!